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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Excuse me, did I leave my memory with you?

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This week has just been NUTS! when it comes to me losing my mind...! In one way, this week should be exciting, as it marks the last week that my son, my lovely six year old Sandis, is in day care. Starting next Tuesday he begins his lifelong, well seemingly lifelong, journey in education. In preparation for this, Ive had quite a few changes of my own in the works just so we can work around all that comes with public eductaion. First of all, Ive had to change my work schedule. I used to work a lovely 7am to 3:30 pm. At times it felt ridiculously early as I drug my bum out of bed at 5 am, but on the same token, it felt deliciously early leaving work when most everyone else has at least an hour left on the clock. It gave me the perfect time to go and run, while the kids are still covered by day care. Well this week comes the switch to normal life, and along with a normal life comes normal hours: 8am - 4:30pm. So with that in mind, I am now a 5:30am runner.....

Today was my first day out pounding the streets at five something am...I really can't run very far yet with my injured knee ( i have a medial meniscal tear in my right knee) but I managed to eke out a mile and a half, the second time in 3 days, and come home to further eke out some tae bo with these ghastly band things. I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but blood sugars while running and working out in the morning are just so much more cooperative than they are in the afternoon and evening. I found as I was training for my half marathons that I just could not do my long runs (read > 10 miles) in the afternoons, beacuse inevitably came the low that just wouldn't come back up. On mornings though, with approximately 1/8th of the carb replacement required for afternoons, and one hour less of basal reduction, Im running steady with no dips whatsoever. It was a trick I was grateful to learn, and Im sure as I become accustomed to running outside in the dark with no music and fabulous cool winds, I will value this more and more!

Back on track to the initial subject at hand, (how Im losing my mind, that is), it seems that with the new schedule, I am COMPLETELY out of sorts. For the past two days I have forgotten my syringes and symlin AND backup test strips! Where is my mind? How do I forget what Ive been doing for so long! It is because my routine is all screwed up. Shower in the morning, running and working out in the morning, heck kids eating breakfast in the morning! There is just too much going on!

To avoid this in the future though, I put my symlin and syringes in my purse after dinner......I better go stock the test strips too while I am at it!

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