Health care is a basic human right, not a privilege. For some reason, we’ve allowed ourselves as Americans to be fooled into accepting that one must be blessed with “means” to actuate appropriate health care. As a nation we have failed to realize that our health care system is a barometer of our society’s value for human life.


Monday, July 09, 2007

1, 2, 3 Things To Do

There has been a lot on my mind lately and quite a few prefaces of thought have turned me upside down. Here are the main three:

1. Partners in Policymaking program and my application, which is due on July 27. I have ONE remaining question, which I intend to put my heart and soul into writing, and I haven’t managed to find the ‘gusto’ to sit down and invest said heart and soul into it yet. I guess I have a project this evening.
2. The implications of domestic and partner abuse. Why does an abused person go “back” to an abuser after having wrenched free more than once? I’ve been thinking on this quite a bit lately. Outside of the abuser/abusee dynamics, there are the dynamics of close friends and family, and their exclusion in the face of a loved ones abuse is stifling.
3. Back pain. Lots of stabbing uninvited back pain. I’m heading to the doctor this afternoon, and I have another (2nd opinion?) appointment tomorrow at a clinic that specializes in aggressive rehabilitation for patients with chronic back pain. I’ve been dealing with this on and off since December of 2005. The kids are post-evaluations and I’m ready to venture into the murky treatment waters of lower back pain.

My energy is consumed by #3. My heart is consumed by #2. It is no wonder I haven’t gotten around to #1.

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