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Monday, December 24, 2007

Good People - Party Bias

This past weekend, I have had the opportunity to hear some of the views of family members from a party that is, well, not "my" party.

Perhaps I disagreed with them. Perhaps I found some of their points interesting. What I left with, though, is not something on which to base further Republican and Democratic fisticuffs, but something else.

Good people are not confined to one party, or the other. Before all my reading Democrats get riled up (haha) about all the evil Republicans that abound, I remind you that despite the differing views between parties, the two parties NEED to talk (communicate, not just like talk at eachother) in order to create policy that is both effective and able to be signed into law.

I'm fairly certain that the party I associate with (not telling) is pretty clear to most by the less than "conservative" views I tend to have. I must say, though, that although my views may not be considered "conservative" I am not sure how recognizing that adequate health care for ALL not just an elite FEW can ever be perceived as "liberal".

I have many family members on the other side of the fence that I love. I have many family members on my side of the grass that I love as well. We have different politics, but in the end, we basically (I think) want to accomplish the same things for our loved ones. It is all about how we get there.

I encourage any of you (all of you) to jump the fence at some point this week and open up conversation (however limited, as long as it is a give and take) with someone on the other side, and lets get a "bipartisan" movement truly happening; first in communities. Perhaps then our "representatives" will follow suit.


Maddy said...

Just wanted to nip over and wish you the compliments of the season from me and mine to you and yours.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"which takes you straight to my new blog.

Casdok said...

Its always interesting to listen to other peoples views, even though you dont have to agree!
Hope you had a lovely christmas!