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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Retail Bliss……Or Something

It has been some sort of interesting shopping infested divine interlude for me these past few weeks. I understand that perhaps that doesn’t make much sense. With that, I will branch off into some sort of explanation.

I have lost upwards of 25 pounds since my surgery in September. Losing 25 pounds typically means you have to start replacing clothes as that will bring you down 2 to 3 sizes. I have gone from a 12 to either an 8 or 10(misses), or 11 (in juniors) in pants or shorts. In blouses I’ve gone from a Large to a Medium (in Misses), and from an X-large to a Large in juniors. I have gone down a size in underwear. I have also gone down a size in bras, and I even went down half a shoe size. The only thing that fit was my socks.

Imagine the frenzy (and sadness, and anxiety) involved in replacing an entire wardrobe. Not a few pairs of pants, but also jeans, blouses, underwear, bras, and finally shoes. The clothes I owned were so large on me they looked sloppy, and although I did have some shoes that I could manage in I’ve had to do away with heels for the most part because of my back. This further exacerbated the shoe issue. It is fun to lose weight, yes. There is, however, a certain stress involved when you have limited funds to replace your wardrobe.

I have guiltily, however, been enjoying shopping! I really can’t think of a better reason to blow money on clothes than losing 25 lbs. In fact, I feel a bit entitled to the frenzy. I’ve managed a few pairs of pants, a couple pairs of jeans, a LOT of socks ( I know my old ones still fit, but you don’t understand, this is a retail FRENZY we are talking about!), some panties, a couple of pairs of shoes (brown & black), a bra (just one), many skinny belts, and several fitted curvy blouses.

This past weekend, I was indulging in shorts shopping. The shorts I wore last year were big at a size 14, but not yet sloppy as I was still wearing a 12. This year those shorts won’t even stay on my hips. So I began to look for shorts that will make my somewhat transparent legs look delectable. But everything I tried on in the Misses department was too big! I realized I would need to go down a size…to an 8.

I felt like crying. I was thinking about all those great pants I bought, all a size 10...All those clothes. Will they still fit? ...All that money and all those beautiful wonderful sexy pants. God I hope they still fit. I don’t want to lose more weight.

I ended up deciding that I would shop for shorts in the juniors department, where size 11’s are still comfortably fitting perfect.

The thing is; they don’t sell Dockers in the junior’s department.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't think you should feel guilty about that shopping - enjoy it! It's a new you emerging, so you should have those new clothes.

Dreaming again said...

I LOVE your statement about being frightfully normal.
Both my sons have tourette's syndrome and OCD. (the youngest was misdx'd with PDD as a 3 year old, I always use the term properly misdx'd, because it fit at the time, his story is on my blog ..he had one rip roarin severe case of sensory integration dysfunction, coupled with auditory and visual processing disorder. Those three together, with the tourette's and OCD ... you've got what appears to be PDD. Take the sensory integration out of the mix, and it no longer looks like PDD)

My oldest, when diagnosed with Tourette's and OCD ..needed to understand it better. I gave him some information to read on it. He was 8 or 9. He was riding in the car and he looked up and exclaimed "I'M NORMAL IN MY ABNORMALITIES!"

That has been the life motto for both boys. They thouroughly enjoy who they are as people and don't care that they have things that make them quirky. They enjoy the quirks, and know that's what makes them unique.

So when I read the frightfully normal inspite of ... on your profile ... I loved it!!

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I did respond and email you.


Dreaming again said...

Oh, on living beyond the disabilities ..and being a parent of these precious kiddo's ...

Anonymous said...

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