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Friday, December 29, 2006

First Month Off and the Eleven Point Difference

I’ve mentioned this before and I think, seeing as how I have my first cycle off under my belt, it is time to revisit it!

I stopped taking “the pill” a little over a month ago. I did this to see if I could achieve tighter blood sugar control without the pill. Well, the results are in (at least 28 days worth) and I am busting to share the news…..

While still taking the pill my average blood sugars over the course of 30 days were 157. This first month off of the pill my average blood sugars were 146.1. That is an eleven mg/dl difference which means a jump from an a1c of 6.6 to 6.3 .

The major thing I’ve noticed in this month is I am having a lot fewer blood sugars in the 200’s. In fact, there were several days last month where my blood sugars didn’t top 200 at all, and only twice did I rise up into the three hundreds. I also had only TWO blood sugars (at least recorded) less than 60. Big deal this increase in stability. That means that I am getting my 146 average not from lofty highs and seedy lows combined, but from consistently more normal sugars. Awesome.

I am curious to see if this trend continues or if it all gets screwed up by some bodily something or other that aches to see me closer to 160 than 150. Ah well, only time will tell! And perhaps a few of those diabetic women on “the pill” will cue back in when I have my 60 day results!


Carol said...

Very interesting! I've been on the pill for about 20 years and have often wondered about this. My BG's run much lower in my "off week", but I have chalked that up as part of the normal cycle. Please do post your 60 day results.

Lyrehca said...

Indeed, I'm looking forward to seeing your results--I also noticed sugars were lower during the off weeks of the pill.

Mark said...

Not diabetic and so a bit clueless...

"The pill" is referring to birth control?

Amberthyme said...

Yaay! Good luck. I can't wait to read about your numbers.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow! Way to go with those numbers! That's awesome!!