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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


As a special needs mum to two newly-diagnosed special-needs kids, I've noticed lately that I get stuck in their diagnoses. It is hard not to. At each doctor's appointment or therapy evaluation I am asked: "What are your concerns....?"

I'm not concerned that my son is the speediest runner in his class. I'm concerned that my son can not interract in appropriate ways with his peers. I'm concerned that my son and I do not communicate effectively.

I'm not concerned that Gracie has the sweetest demeanor since Polyanna. I'm concerned that her blood sugars range from normal to uh, much higher than normal. I'm concerned that she can't run without planting her face promptly on the floor.

I'm not concerned with my kids's CANS lately. I'm concerned with their CAN'TS. And well, that is concerning!

My son is the sweetest young man I know. His smile will light the inner depths of your heart. My son is the most caring older brother I know. He hovers over his Gracie ensuring her safety. If my daughter were to attempt to cross a busy street on her own, my panicked voice would quickly be accompanied by Sandis's panicked staccato screaming for her to STOP! My son is a FAST runner. He did not get that from me, though, because I am slow, he got that from God! My Sandis, he is awesome, he is stunning, he is exuberant, he is exactly how God intended him to be!

My daughter never stops talking. She has a gift for words that far exceeds her brother's (and my my is he wordy!) My daughter is very small in stature ( so itty bitty for her age at around the 7th percentile) but she is HUGE in personality and attitude. My daughter can bring the calmest person to the verge of a nervous breakdown. She is just that crafty! My daughter is very polite. My Gracie, she is sweet, she is cantankerous, and she is EXACTLY how God intended her to be.

Tonight, I'm going to focus on the cans of myself and my children. I've spent way too much time lately focussing on their can'ts. It is time for some positive reinforcement!


Sandra Miller said...

Wonderful post, Sarah.

You paint a beautiful portrait of two amazing kids.

And one amazing mom. :-)

In Search Of Balance said...

What a great post. Too often people are defined by negatives.... we all need a reminder now and then to define by positives!

Paul Foreman said...

Brilliant post Sarah,
It isn't always easy to remain positive when life deals what it deals - the first step is simply recognising the negative and not being too hard on yourself when those thoughts crop up...and not believing the "stories" we concoct in the head...that way you aren't trying to be positive, or denying the negative, you simply choose to focus on the better things! I know from experience...and I also campaign against negativity...that may sound daft, without explanation - maybe you can have a quick look at sometime...and well done!

Minnesota Nice said...

It's all in the attitude, baby! You are setting a great example for all of us.
Have a great day (.....and stay warm).

bethany said...

great post and thanks for the birthday wishes ... a little off subject - i was reading a comment you posted on another person's site and you said that you would love to upgrade to minimed's 722 but they charge wayyyyyyyyyy too much ... well I wanted to also but I couldn't afford it either so I emailed them. I explained my situation that I would really love the 722 but my waranty wasn't up for another 2 1/2 years. I explain my money situation how I'm a college student ... blah blah blah ... and they agreed to give me the new pump at no cost (plus keep my old one just in case) they thing is that the sensor's aren't approved yet by insurances so you don't get to do the sensor part but they set me up with the pump atleast. they had to contact my insurance company but it all worked out in less than a month ... i say go for it - it's worth a shot right? good luck!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Your love for you children really shines through. With you as their MOM all will go fine for them!

art-sweet said...

I agree with everyone else... your kids are SO LUCKY to have you as a mom. Have you heard about this study?

Seeking families nationwide in which diabetes has occurred in three generations. Participation includes additional questions, a brief examination and a blood sample taken (either at the Joslin Diabetes Center or locally), and compensation for time. All information will be held strictly confidential.


Tisha Dickey
Joslin Diabetes Center
1 Joslin Place
Boston, MA 02215
Telephone: 866-622-3385, ext. 1