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Sunday, September 09, 2007

4-Days Post-Surgery

I'm feeling quite a bit better. It is amazing really. I mean, the whole surgery thing is amazing. The incision is about 2" long. I was expecting one inch. Perhaps the surgeon felt more comfortable with a longer incision? The incision is looking a bit different as well. It looks as though it is pulling away from itself. I can't say I expected that, but I can't really say that what I expected nears what it has been in any sense. Namely because I had nothing on which to base what I expected. What is different? Pain. The pain the first two days far exceeded what I expected. And while I really don't know what type of pain I expected, the searing, seizing, raw muscular pain I felt was certainly not how I imagined it would be. The first night I suffered from terrible muscle spasms along my lower back, seizing down through to my buttocks. Today I have mostly incisional pain, it is deep though, as I'm sure my incision is. I also have pain that grips my right buttock and slices down to my knee.

I'm having less numbness and tingling in my leg and foot than I was before, but I'm not certain if I have less weakness at this point. It is still pretty hard to get around. I am finally able to sit without feeling like that is a sentence worse than death. I am finding creative ways to get to things that are beneath me (like on the floor). I am trying to walk a lot, and you know, I never thought that lifting my knees up to my chest while laying down could be a painful thing. Right now it most certainly is. I also can't imagine when I will next be able to touch my own toes, or put on my underwear without help (yes yes I know, sad huh?).

I think I'm looking pretty good, but this picture bob took illuminated the fact that I have been slouching to shelter my back. That's no good.

Oh...and under those jeans? The sexiest thing ever.....Anti-embolism stockings. Thigh high stockings. And while this picture is damn near pornographic and could be deemed erotica because of it's obvious allure (guffaw!) I figured I'd share just exactly what I slip on, well actually have left on since before surgery (actually today we washed them, they stank something unholy).

I have exactly ten days left to languor at home before I return to work, at least part time. Tomorrow Gracie catches the bus, for the first time EVER! And me? I'm gonna be outside with her, camera in hand, hoping like hell she gets on that bus.


meanderings said...

Dear Sarah,

Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Good for you, for being such a trooper. I wish you less pain, and more strength in your leg, and a good bus ride for Gracie.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man - that does not sound fun at all.

Hopefully it will be all better very quickly and you can get on with things. On that same note - don't push yourself too hard and please be patient with the recovery process. It will happen.

Let us know if you need anything!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Sarah - I am just so gload it is done and over with!!!! It can only get better!