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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Busy Busy

Things have been busy around here. Sandis had his 7th birthday. He then had his first day of school. First grade, according to him, is overwhelmingly boring. Sandis apparently began the day by getting off of the bus and promptly getting lost. Yes lost. He wandered about a bit (seeking his helper?) before rational thought prevailed (YAY SANDIS!) and he wandered on over to the office where the announcement of his state of being lost (but not yet found) was made. Fortunately Sandis was united with his new helper and things went smoothly thereafter. He is quite peeved about the lack of play time in first grade and isn’t all impressed with the sensory diet (I however am so pleased that they are actually DOING sensory diet, something he lacked at his old school) bemoaning the need for “exercise time” in the middle of the day.
Gracie, the peanut, after being off of insulin for 12 days, resumed shots last night. She wasn’t all that happy about that. It is amazing how quickly one becomes accustomed to new sets of occurrences. Gracie, my beautiful peanut, is also attending her very first day of school today. Preschool. Whew! Is she really this old? She was quite proud of the fact that she allowed me to fix her hair. This means that I not only was allowed to touch her head, I was able to assault her head with a comb and tug (albeit rather gently) her tangled curls into a ponytail. She is pleased with her state of “prettiness” as a result of this hair pulling and bragged all the way to day care about how nice her hair will look for her first day of school. Ahhhhh. Four year olds. My four year old. (Pictures later, I promise!)
We had the final of her 504 meetings yesterday, with Gracie in attendance. I directed Gracie’s teacher, the school nurse, the school health aide, and the two para-professionals that will be in Gracie’s class how to check blood sugar and how to adjust her Thera-togs. Sometimes the special needs of my kids are an exhausting undertaking. There is nothing better to take the wind out of my sails than to spend an afternoon with my daughter on display with the intent only to highlight her medical needs. Ick. I am blessed that there are laws in place that ensure my peanut is taken care of while in school. Truly blessed. But sometimes those blessings just don’t feel like blessings. They feel more like nooses.
I have surgery tomorrow.
While the words surgery and tomorrow in the same sentence are enough to cause painful twisting in my tummy, they are much better than the words surgery and today taking residence in the same sentence. I’ll reserve that stress-fest for tomorrow. Ick. In preparation for this week, Bob has promptly begun having panic attacks about cooking dinner every day for the family for an entire week. He is supposing that perhaps macaroni and cheese, even mixed with hot dogs, is not an appropriate meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner six days in a row. I’ve got to hand it to him as his foresight in this regard is astonishing. I may have to assist in the preparation of eats as a sort of back-seat-driver (more appropriately titled a couch-cushion-cuisine-instructor). We’ll see how that goes, but I do intend to take plenty of pictures and I have resolved to be as low-key as possible with Bob-the-Babe as he will be undertaking the massive responsibilities that are mine while at home. I will now formally wish him luck and take a moment of silence to collect myself……
Good Luck Bob….

As an afterthought, I do intend to drop in soon and supply some pictures of birthdays, first days of schools, and general merriment. Hopefully we can arrange my computer so it can accommodate me lying down, rather than sitting (as sitting will be only a fond memory for the next two weeks).


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Sarah - tons of uck for your surgery! Nice to get it over with - right?! And Bob WILL feed the kids and it really doesn't make a diofference if one weeks food is perhaps not nutritionally well-balanced. Please do post some pictures soon. Gracie is the same age as Linn. Linn's hair is so thin and most of the time I have seen her definitely knotted. Messy hair is wuite the thing in Sweden currently. Linn fits in well.... I did get my hands on it and made the cutest braids, just like Ellen had when she was little. Check out my photos in my last blog post if you want to see. And again - good luck!

Travis said...

I was looking for info on Symlin, which I'm thinking of trying, and came across your site. Lots of great information - thanks!

Penny Ratzlaff said...

I hope your surgery goes well.

Molly said...

Hope that your surgery went smoothly, and that you are resting and recuperating.