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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

See What Happens When I Stop Paying Attention?

The Honorable (and Presidential, even) George Bush vetoes yet another bill(Labor-HHS-Ed bill (H.R. 3043)) that would have been beneficial for children and adults with disabilities. I’m beginning to think that all this vetoing power is going to the man’s head. What makes it even sicker is despite constituents urging their legislators to vote to override these vetoes (read SCHIP) there are a remaining few who refuse to cross party lines and stick on the buddy fence with the President. I’m not exactly sure what this is accomplishing for these politicians personally, but in regards to passing meaningful bills that are supported by their constituents they are failing miserably.
This bill funds a vast array of programs that are designed to meet the disabled community’s needs. To name a few (including which programs in the bill saw an increase from President Bush’s recommendations):

IDEA (Local Grants, Part B, and Part C Increased)
Vocational Rehab (Increase)
Supported Employment (Completely cut in President Bush’s budget, kept at previous years funding in bill)
Assistive Technology Programs (Increase)
Office of Disability Employment Policy (Increase)
Work Incentives Grants (Completely cut in President Bush’s budget, reduced from previous year in bill)
Administrative Services for Social Security Administration (Increase)
State Grants for Developmental Disability Councils (Increase)
Protection and Advocacy Systems (Increase)
University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (Increase)

This is a short view of what the House & Senate agreed upon in this bill. Keep in mind that these increases are increases over the President’s proposed bill, not necessarily increases from last year’s funding. If you want more info, go here.

I find it appalling that the President vetoes a bill because the appropriations are different from what he proposed, and more correctly MORE than he proposed. Did you notice he intended to complete CUT the supported employment and work incentives grants? What sort of support is that for full inclusion of disabled adults in the community? Apparently President Bush doesn’t really feel working is appropriate for disabled adults?

Please, make your voice heard and email or call your representative in the House to vote to override this veto, TODAY. If you aren’t sure who your representative is, or how to get in touch with them, go here for some direction.

We all have a responsibility to make our voice and our community heard. If we don’t SPEAK UP, who will?

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