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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Quite possibly I am obsessive.

Obssessive. Obssessive.

I’ve been listening to the same set of White Stripes songs all morning. That is, since 7am this morning. That is four hours of non-stop Jack obsession. I fully intend to continue this, breaking only shortly for lunch, until 3:30pm.

Should I ever have another child (doubtful) I shall name this child Jack, irrespective of gender.

I wonder, perhaps, if I am losing my mind. I wonder exactly where my mind has been. I wonder how or why it is quite so often difficult to find the words I am seeking or to focus the jumble of activity that is in my mind. Focus beyond the jumble, for it is easy to focus within. I wonder how it is that vocabulary is a fancy of mine, while spoken communication seems to be such a garble.

I find a rhythm in Jack’s works that precludes everything. A rhythm that is quite possibly in sync with my own personal rhythms. Sound odd? Perhaps, but sometimes I get the impression others feel that way about the Beetles, Grateful Dead, or even Cat Stevens (I know, weird right?)

Maybe it’s whatever in my head that’s distracting me. But if I could find emotion to stimulate devotion, well then you see…..(stolen words)

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