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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sandis the Hockey Man

We've gone and done it. We signed the little man up for hockey. We start next weekend.

I have been arranging a para to assist Sandis on the ice. I think he will be pretty good out there except during practise when he is waiting or needs to be patient, or during games when he is on the bench.

I have been working with ARISE to find him a para to help him with hockey, and well, they aren't necessarily the most hopeful. Apparently the Youth Hockey Association is not the easiest to work with in regards to paras.

It's cool though, I'm ready for whatever I have to do to get him out there with all the typical kids for a typical hockey experience.

We try on hockey gear this Thursday. We bought the skates this past Sunday. My son is the Black Tack little guy.

I'm so excited, I just can't even express...! I mean, really, do you EVER wonder where the name Sandis came from?

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Vivian said...

Sarah! That is so awesome!! I am so excited for your little man, he will be an incredible hockey dude. Did you seriously name him after Ozolinsh? That is freakin cool, I named Daniel after Daniel Laperriere who played for the St. Louis Blues (my fav team). We saw Mr. Ozolinsh play many times when we lived in Denver. So very cool.