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Sunday, October 21, 2007

No Bite

My house is hilarious. And admidst all the giggles, we contemplate losing our minds.

Have you ever heard of No Bite?

This has been our family solution to thumb-sucking. Amazingly enough, it has been remarkably effective.

The drawback? (and there always is one....)

Removing the oral sensory satisfaction of the thumb has invoked a new oral sensory past-time. Namely trilling. Of course there is the occasional filler sound, but for the most part trilling.


So yes, we will continue to use the No Bite to help erase the thumb-sucking. The dentist mentioned something along the lines of decreased mastication and surgery should we not get rid of this rueful habit.


What about all the trills?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We used 'no bite' on my daughter as she chewed the edges of her finger nails until they were raw. It was more of a reminder. Didn't work, she adjusted to the taste and the pay off of biting was just too high!

As for the boys! Wouldn't even think of going there! The trilling, cheeping and sucky noises just have to remain.

Best wishes