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Monday, October 15, 2007


I applied for a financial aid scholarship for the Saint Cloud Youth Hockey Association.

And why is that?

I was hoping that mister Sandis would be able to play hockey this year. He is seven, he has unbelievable amounts of expendable energy, and he has an infatuation with the sport that is “the sport” in our household. Seriously. If we had TV channels we might even watch hockey. Even better, if we got the paper, we would think about checking the scores.

While browsing through the SCYHA website, I found that they also offer “Special” hockey which is targeted for youth with developmental disabilities. I pondered this, if only for a moment, and its pertinence to my family. I could have requested that Sandis be placed in the special hockey program. I didn’t. This is why:

Sandis is normal. Disability is a normal part of the human experience. Not every human is disabled, but neither is every human a man, or a woman. Outside of that, Sandis’s best opportunity to learn how to function amongst his typical peers is by actually spending time with his typical peers. As an aside, I’m hoping that if we are approved for this financial aid scholarship, that we can replace some OT (you know, the pushing, pulling, squishing sensory marathon that is Occupational Therapy) with a more natural sensory experience like hockey.

So cross your fingers for us…..Because we may just be a stick totin’, hockey skatin’ family in the next few months.

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Vivian said...

That would be awesome! We are crossing fingers and toes for your scholarship. Sandis would make an uber cool hockey dude.