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Monday, March 03, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do…….

But seriously, staying together is wayyyyy harder.

Bob (the babe) moved in last Sunday. He is meshing (to whatever extent we both allow) his household with mine, and to be perfectly honest, growing pains in this regard are intensely painful, distracting, and infuriating.

We dither between arguments long enough to make up, only to rage our fires yet again a few moments later. Fortunately the hours 10pm to 6am are blessed with quiet and peace (and a few snuggles.)

I hadn’t any idea that this man I love is so hard to live with (nor he imagined me the same..)

It occurs to me (quite recently) that commitment is no easy game, yet despite all this work (and fighting) I’m certain the end result will be quite worth it.


Anonymous said...

nothing worth having comes easy. Time life takes time.

Lili said...

I know it's not the usual, but I don't think people *have* to live together. Some people do better living near each other.

Hope it gets better anyway, though.