Health care is a basic human right, not a privilege. For some reason, we’ve allowed ourselves as Americans to be fooled into accepting that one must be blessed with “means” to actuate appropriate health care. As a nation we have failed to realize that our health care system is a barometer of our society’s value for human life.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DFL Monthly Meeting - District 15

I’m speaking tomorrow at the monthly DFL meeting. Up until recently, I haven’t been all that active in partisan affairs. It seems as though most things I am involved in, although obviously in one camp more than the other, are not considered “partisan” activities.

It seems that not all disabled folk are in one party. Disabled folk (families, children, adults, pre-teens, teenagers) have all sorts of political views, but they all basically want the same things for themselves: Equal opportunity, equal access, etc. Associating with one party over another wouldn’t accomplish what they need, which is recognition of the problem and overwhelming social change to correct it.

Tomorrow evening I will be speaking about the Minnesota Health Act at my district’s monthly DFL meeting. I’ve discovered, and decided, that I am the best person for the job of informing the public in my district about this bill and how it can change the face of health care (and business) in the state of Minnesota. I am determined to dispel myths and invite others on the campaign trail of single-payer universal health care for the state of Minnesota. Fortunately, at the meeting tomorrow night, I will have a captive audience (and hopefully an agenda item after me…) I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and having people seated with the intent to listen to me is exactly what I need to spread the word about this bill.

Should you happen to live in District 15 in Saint Cloud, please hop on over to the DFL meeting tomorrow night. Just do me a favor, when I have my five minutes to share information about the Minnesota Health Act, please don’t point and laugh. I guarantee I will have something cool to share!

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