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Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Shoes

My new accompaniment on this path that only my life follows.

Many, many miles will these shoes witness. My many hours. My many days.

Running in my shoes.

A softer path to jaunt along.

It seems a wonder that I never had these shoes before today.


jill. said...

I'm jealous of your cute green shoes - they're my favorite color! Good luck in the many miles. You can do it!

Johnboy said...

Never discount the importance of a good pair of running shoes! I got some in January and I already feel like I need to work in a new pair. :)

KC's Blog said...

I like your new shoes! Gosh it's been ages since I bought a good pair of sneakers. Maybe that's why these old feet of mine hurt he he.

Kris said...

Great looking shoes. Love the color! The next time you show them I hope they are worn out from all the use they will get. ;o)

Kerri. said...

Kickin' kicks, there. Hope they serve you well.

Anonymous said...

i'm on a quest for new sneakers right now. yours are divine! i love that green. good luck with them.