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Friday, April 06, 2007

You Asked, I Answered

A big thanks to Julia for sending me these questions !

1. What does blogging do for you?

This place, this blog, is where I go to work everything out. This is where I go to feel sad, to feel desperate, to feel powerful, to feel confused....Most of what I deal with on this blog concerns my children, an arena where I am forced to be always calm (haha, well kind of like always) and maintain that for my children. I don't get to shed those tears out in the real world, so I come here to understand how I feel and work it all out. When I started this, I really really wanted to share my experiences with diabetes. I never ever expected this blog to journal my daughter's diagnosis with diabetes, nor to chronicle my son's autism. I never ever imagined. This is where I feel however I need to feel.

2. Do you have any tattoos? If so, what of and what do they represent? If not, would you?

hahahahaha....I have a very small red DK (Dead Kennedy's, old old punk rock band, can you say Jello Biafra?) tattoo on my upper left arm. It looks like a pen mark. It was a homemade tattoo done by a long gone very creepy ex-boyfriend. Other than that, I'm not intrigued enough by any one thing to want to put it on my body for like, ever.

3. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would that be?

Oh Canada! Don't ask me why, the reasons probably don't make much sense. That being said, I'd still want to live in Canada, say....eastern Ontario?

4. Is there anything you regret not doing when you were younger?

I don't have too many regrets concerning things I DIDN'T do, but I have a whole lot concerning things I DID do. Man was I one crazy kid. But, should I choose one thing, I would say not finishing university. I wish I had.

5. Money being no object, where would you go on vacation and with whom?

If I could take my family for like a month or two to northern Alberta or barring that the Kodiak then I would jump at the opportunity. I would love to be surrounded by nothing but beautiful land....

Now I've seen these questions travelling around the OC, but should you happen to be one of those that has not yet been served a set of questions but would like to be still, then leave me a comment and I can send you a few of your own questions.

Have a happy easter ya'll!


Major Bedhead said...

Thanks for doing these, Sarah.

Heh. I know who the Dead Kennedys are. 'cause I'm friggin' OLD.

Anonymous said...

I think I am one of the few that has not done this yet.
Wanna send me a few questions?

Happy Easter!

Minnesota Nice said...

Hey sis, send some questions my way.

Minnesota Nice said...

Woops, my address is

justme said...

you can send me

Kris said...

I haven't done this yet either. I need something new to talk about. You can send some questions my way if you'd like. :o)

Amberthyme said...

Hi Sarah, I'm waaaaayyy behind. Could you send me a few questions?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.