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Friday, September 15, 2006

Expanding Our Expectations (Further Thoughts...)

After reading and re-reading a bit of my previous post about my half marathon in June and the mishap with my pump, I feel as though I need to add a few more thoughts about the role in customer service that a pump company has.

Medtronic, when I called, had the opportunity to ensure that my diabetes was not a disabling condition. They recognized, to a certain extent, the value that my race had. It was not only a race, it was a goal. It was a long pursued milestone. My race helped me reach a point in my mind, in my heart, in my activities, where my diabetes is mostly a chronic condition that perhaps interrupts daily life but does NOT stand in the way of my most passionate goals and intents.

My pump is a tool I use to feel more normal. My pump is a tool I use to halt the elements of my diabetes that at times can feel “disabling.” I believe that it is Medtronic’s (or any pump company’s) responsibility to help us reach our goals by standing by their pumps in such a way as we will not be “disabled” if their equipment fails. A pump is not merely a medical device, it is a LIFELINE.

Medtronic made the right choice in dealing with my pump failure and recognizing my race as important. In fact, they made my race as important to them as it was to me, in their own sense. I can guarantee that had they not acted in the manner they did in replacing that pump in as timely a fashion as they did, come two years from now when I’m gearing up to buy a new pump (dump out more money than I spend on my own CAR!), I would NOT be shopping Medtronic.

I believe that we should have high customer service expectations of our respective pump companies. Because of a simple choice this customer service rep made, they not only saved a customer, they also aided in creating a brilliant memory for me, which is an awesome reward after months of discipline and training!


Scott K. Johnson said...

And the wonderful story about that great service will go a long way too.

With a company of their size, and the number of pumps they have on the streets, it is easy to hear about the bad stories, the scenarios that didn't work out so well.

It's refreshing to hear about the good stories - the exceptional service they provided you - that allowed you to accomplish a major goal in your life.

In Search Of Balance said...

What a wonderful accomplishment; congratulations on the run!! And I absolutely agree with you on the customer service points. What a gift that you were able to run. And what a triumph to have done so well!!

MileMasterSarah said...

I've wanted to share this story with other diabetics, other than my mom! for MONTHS! I'm glad I was able to get it out there. I was SOOO impressed with what happened and no matter how much I regaled the happenings to my work buddies, they just didn't get it....