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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Candy I’ve Been Eating

Today so far, I’ve had a Reese’s Peanut butter cup and 3 laffy taffy’s. mmmmmmmm, laffy taffy’s. I really don’t understand the need for office candy that is kept around for ANYONE to dip their mitts into and enjoy (then guilt trip about later). It isn’t even 9:30am and I’ve already consumed 466 calories.

Let’s break it down:
120 calories = glucose tabs to treat morning low. Im not happy about waking up at 6am to a blood sugar of 48, and this was 30 minutes AFTER I initially treated with glucose tablets (knowing I was low but not wanting to test). Hmmph. On top of that, I REALLY wasn’t happy that somehow yesterday at some point I changed basal patterns, so not only was my blood sugar low, I wasn’t on the right pattern so I couldn’t exercise this morning. BLECK!

186 calories = Reese’s PB cup (does anyone else FANTASIZE about the yumminess of peanut butter?) and 3 Laffy Taffy.

160 calories = Oatmeal. And not just oatmeal, my daughter’s leftover oatmeal from her breakfast, I just couldn’t throw it away.

If I didn’t take symlin then my blood sugar would be through the roof. Let’s check……103 (HALLELUJAH!!!!) This reading is 1-1/2 hours post oatmeal, and about 30 minutes post candy….

So, now all I have to do is think POSITIVE thoughts about my burgeoning thighs. …sigh…..I’m not sure how it is for all of you, but I can ALWAYS find something to be down about if the mood is just right. My blood sugar is perfect, but my calories are all out of whack, I feel chubby, and due to some weird subconscious action of my own switching basal patterns I couldn’t exercise this morning.

I’m so MAD (more like sad)! That I’m gonna go eat CAKE! (if there was some cake around…)


Minnesota Nice said...

Do you have any tips on tactfully asking the supplier of the office candy to PUT IT AWAY? Speaking of Byerly's, we have a lady who buys their expensive, foil-wrapped chocolate pieces and I can't keep my hands off of them. I think they're at least 80 calories a piece and who can eat just one?

One thing about chocolate is that because of the fat it's absorbed slowly and for me doesn't cause much of a bg rise (if eaten in small to moderate amounts....tee hee).

My problem is Twizzler's red licorice bites - just a handful of those little buggers will send me sky high. They are the perfect thing for me to treat a hypo with, except I have no restraint. Once when my car was stolen I ate an entire giant-sized bag and was way into the 400's for several hours. Sort of scary.

Have you ever tried quinoa pasta? I was looking for the Ezekiel brand today at Trader Joe's today (which is just down the street from the Park Nicollet clinic where you'll be going) and the only non-traditional stuff they had was quinoa.

Sarah said...

hahahahhaa, I love the bit about having no restraint. What is restraint? Why do you think I buy single serving treats? Because no matter what size of treat I buy, it is ALWAYS a single serving, be it 1 cookie or 24!

My problem is ANY candy, ANYTHING sweet. I can control what I put in my kitchen which controls what I snack on when I am at home, but work is a whole different ballgame! My work is a plethora of cakes, candies, chips dip n salsa, brought in by EVERYONE. Everyone at my work eats like pigs, or at least wants everyone ELSE to eat like pigs!

I have not tried quinoa pasta, but I do eat quite a bit of quinoa (just the grain). I couldn't find the Ezekiel 4:9 pasta (I'm gonna have to call Byerly!!!) this week so I bought this stuff called Lifestream organic whole grain and flax pasta. It has added flax protein and serving size 2oz had 26g carb and 8 of those grams are fiber. That sounds pretty impressive to me and may be comparable as far as sugar results to the Ezekiel 4:9. I'll post what happens with my sugars once I eat it! You should post a picture of the quinoa pasta you bought and carb/fiber stats, I'd be interested! I've also heard good things from type 2 diabetics about dreamfields pasta...But I haven't tried that!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm so bad with the candy too.

And you know what's REALLY bad? I don't even have to like the candy - I'll sit there and destroy a whole bowl, or bag, or whatever, of some candy that I don't even like - just because it's candy.

How sick is that?

I think it is something psychological stemming from the "olden days" of diabetes where we were told we couldn't eat that stuff.

So I'd walk to the store around the block and buy some candy, making sure to eat it and dispose of the wrapper before I got back home.

And man, you have my mouth watering with all this talk of Reese's Peanut Butter cups and Laffy Taffy's. Man o man o man.

And what is it with all of the office candy!? Are they feeling lonely? Do they need to bribe people into visiting them?

It doesn't work. I wait for them to walk away, then I go and hoard a big handful. Sigh.