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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shrimp with Ketchup

Being ill today, I settled on boiling some cooked shrimp for dinner (five minutes) and serving it with some cocktail sauce. Super easy and it is one of my faves so I figured the kids should love it. Boy was I wrong!

Here they are DEVOURING said shrimp, with ketchup (im inwardly recoiling just thinking about this).....Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Hey sister,
First of all, I was reading some previous posts and I really want to congratulate your mother! What a fabulous example for you to live by.
Secondly, I'll come up and help you get rid of those shrimp (with cocktail sauce)....and, by the way....might there be any of those lemon bars left?
Feel better soon.

Kerri. said...

Your children are precious. Shrimp with ketchup, however, is not so precious. In my mind, they ate that odd combo and then promptly brushed their teeth. :)

I've added you to my blogroll. So glad you're here!!

Sarah said...

minnesota nice,
There is no shrimp left, and I buy the lemon bars one at a time from byerlys...I MUST do this or I will be the victim of probably a dozen lemon bars eaten over the course of a day. Not good. Not for anyone, even non-diabetic folks. I do have tons of ketchup though! I feel much better, thanks for the thoughts!

Its doubtful they immediately brushed their teeth following their shrimpy ketchup feast. I imagine they savored the shrimpy ketchupy taste for quite some time! Smiles on their faces still!