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Sunday, September 24, 2006

This week in Food (or Rather Last Week in Food...)

I just wanted to share with you some of the scrumptious things I had to eat this past week! My camera is acting kinda funky getting some weird light lines, but I think the pictures, while not photography quality (I'm no artist anyhow) are at least passable!

I HAVE mentioned recently how much I love food right?

I've really been motivated by In Search of Balance lately to whip up a few new and different things! The first thing I really HAD to put together was this sweet salad. This is a spring green mix (fresh from the coop, awesome, and the whole box of the spring mix lasted TWO FREAKIN WEEKS!), walnuts, raspberries, blue cheese, salmon, and orange cranberry vinaigrette mixed half and half with pomegranite (sp?) juice. AWESOME! Although, I'd almost skip the salmon next time. I ended up eating salads for lunch almost every day for two weeks because of the spring green mix I bought AND the great inspiration for a sweet salad.

The next thing is some penne pasta with spaghetti sauce and fresh parmesan I made. The pasta is Ezekiel 4:9 pasta, which is sprouted grain pasta LOADED with fiber and made WITHOUT flour.

I recently completely stopped taking symlin in the evening, so I got to try out this meal without symlin and really test what this sprouted grain pasta is doing to blood sugars. One hour pp I was 132 (WOW!) and 2 hours pp I was 46 (ick!). I was happy with no extreme spike though, and the pasta was darn tasty. Spaghetti (w/o meat) is so quick and easy, I made this on a day I worked late and didn't have a lot of time.

Lastly I wanted to share with you a sweet snack I had on a MAJOR carb crave day. This is a cup of halved strawberries, 1 tbsp. of maple syrup drizzled over, and a bunch of cocoa powder. You can put quite a bit of cocoa powder over these with the maple syrup and it doens't taste bitter, it tastes like strawberries dipped in chocolate syrup. This snack is only 100 cals (screw those 100 cal pack wheat thins/ritz/whatever) and is AWESOME! The fiber in the strawberries helps slow up that maple syrup (1 tbsp = 13g carb) absorption, too.

Just so you don't think I am a food saint, let me also share with you my naughties of the week. I didn't take pictures of these though, Im not as proud of them! I had TWO read it TWO humongous monster m&m choco chip cookies (Im guessing 500-600 cals each) over the course of the week (one on Friday night for dinner and one tonight for dinner), and the second one I had I SLATHERED with whipped cream cheese frosting! mmmmmm! Sunday is my cheat day where I really don't count calories and allow myself to not be stressed out about what all is going into my mouth. I just try to count carbs as best as possible and reign in the sugars! Let me tell you, though, that frosting lathered monster cookie was INCREDIBLE!


If not a mother... said...

strawberries just simply drizzled with balsamic vinegar - awesome.

In Search Of Balance said...

Mmmm, mm. Mm. If I had an actual place to cook, I would so make those strawberries. Mm.

Um, I want that cookie.

Thanks for posting tales of your food. Hearing about other people eating healthily, experimenting, and finding things to eat that are friendly to those of us with the D makes it easier for me to do those things, too.


Minnesota Nice said...

Sarah, those are great ideas. I imagine that the coops here in Mpls would certanly have that pasta - it'll be fun to try.
I also allow one "free day" a week (however now I seem to be having a string or consecutive "free days" and am really going to work on pulling in the reins.
You and Beth have really got me thinking about trying some new foods and doing more cooking for myself (vs the Lean Cuisine).
Have a good week ahead - we've got some nice weather in store.

Scott K. Johnson said...

You and Beth have me working towards some new foods too!

That's a very big step for me. Thanks for sharing!