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Thursday, April 19, 2007

But I Think You Are Perfect

A few evenings ago I sat with Sandis working on his guided reading. This was a particularly challenging evening for me. I was tired. I was tired. Oh, and I was tired. Sandis was tired as well. He was fidgety, squirrely, and hoppy. He was disconnected and wriggly. The entire combination was entirely irritating and I responded with an entirely crabby demeanor.

I yelled. I hollered. I took a wonderful learning opportunity to calmly deal with my beautiful boy at his beautiful best, and I took it amuck and screamed at it.

A few minutes later, calmed perhaps by my screaming and disgusted with my own behavior, I took my boy on out of bed to have a chat.

BadMomma: How did you feel when I was yelling at you?
Sandis: I felt like I wanted to escape the house.

Pause here. How poignant can my six year old be?

BadMomma: I’m sorry I yelled at you. I don’t know what gets into me sometimes. I love you and I’m so sorry.
Sandis: I know but you know what mom?
BadMomma: What?
Sandis: But I think you are perfect. *kiss*

I am an eety beety teeny tiny little human soul in my world of regret smothered in love from my beautiful boy.

And you know what Sandis? (and Gracie for that matter)
I think you are perfect, too.

Here is to lessons that only our children can teach us.


Minnesota Nice said...

Have a good weekend, Sarah. Strut around in this beautiful weather with your new shoes......

Kris said...

What a sweetie he is. How nice that no matter how bad our day is, no matter if we screw up a little, our kids still think we are perfect. He's a sweetie.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow. I bet your heart just melted.

Major Bedhead said...

Oh my god, I would have bawled my eyes out. How sweet is he? *sniffle*

Christine said...

So did you just totally crumple when he said that?

mumkeepingsane said...

How sweet is that! I have had moments like you describe and a little hug or kiss from my little guy can cure all ills.