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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Four in Forty

Or rather, 3.98 in forty. That is, 3.98 miles in forty minutes. Seeing as how my most recent running goal was four miles in forty minutes, I believe that I have for the most part successfully achieved this goal. Four in forty.

Running is mine. Running is success. I know I will find success with persistence and dedication. And I do. It is predictable. It is joyous. It is mine.

There is something so beautiful about setting a fitness goal, about setting ANY goal, and then achieving that goal, surpassing that goal, and then setting a new goal. It lends an inner joy and sense of accomplishment that nothing else really does. It is beautiful. God gave me my beautiful body and I can use it to accomplish amazing things. Amazing.

So…..My next goal is 3 in 27. That is, three miles in 27 minutes.

The question now is not whether I will achieve that goal, but when I will write about achieving it.


meanderings said...

Great work on the running - much better than anything I can/or will do!

Shannon said...

I love your perspective on setting goals and achieving them.