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Saturday, May 19, 2007

We're Moving!

Finally the day has come! We are!

So it is 7:33am and we anxiously await the 8am movers.



HVS said...

Good luck w/the move!

Minnesota Nice said...

Sarah, may you have wonderful days ahead in your new home. Moving is such a great way to "start fresh".
Hope the key deal has been resolved.
Once you get settled you must put up pics!

Laura said...

good luck with the move

Molly said...

Enjoy the excitement in the midst of the chaos of moving. Cheers!

Chris said...

Change is always good. I wish you the best with the move. But your probably sttled in by now.
Report when you can.

Bernard said...

Sorry I missed this until today, I hope you're safely settling into the new place.

Anonymous said...


I followed in from "It's all ok" from Momkeepingsane....

I have dealt with behavioural with my eldest since he was 18mths old... so if you wish.. come and visit.. it gets better here a little at a time.... A lot of time I'm pleasantly surprised how much has changed.

Good luck with the move.