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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Housing Coalition, Volume 2

The Housing Coalition received my letter on Friday. Attorney General Lori Swanson received my letter on Tuesday. I know this as I received signed delivery receipts from both.

And I anxiously await something to happen. Something. Anything.

I am still awaiting the name of my lawyer, and after a quick phone call to Minnesota Legal Services, I should be receiving said name either today or tomorrow.

My stomach has been in knots waiting for some response to my HUD complaint or my letters. Perhaps I am impatient, but I don’t believe these things should take all that long. I am forever on my own schedule.

In the meantime I am contemplating sending a second letter to the housing coalition concerning a different issue that arose (literally) yesterday.

I pull into my garage and notice rising waters. Ick.

What the hell? I think to myself. My garage is flooding!

So I call the resident caretaker, concerned primarily with Bob’s tools that are, well, sitting idly in said standing water. The caretaker’s response? “Oh, the garage flooded? Ya, it does that. It does that EVERY TIME it rains or thaws. Just don’t keep anything on the floor (thanks for telling me). The property management company knows about it but they choose not to do anything to correct the problem.” And then as I get off my cell, some kid calls down from the second floor at my grumbling frame: “Those garages flood EVERY TIME IT RAINS!”

So I signed a lease for a garage with a property management company that is AWARE of a defect in the building structure, and they fail to inform me of this? And regardless of the fact that I don’t have insurance on the things that are in my garage or my townhome, they were AWARE of this defect in structure and didn’t feel that I ought to know. What the hell is wrong with these people?

I think I will start with a maintenance request to fix the damaged structure that apparently floods every time it rains. Then I will follow with a letter that will less than thinly veil my frustration and anger with their obvious disregards for my rights as a consumer and tenant.



Shannon said...

I suggest you also buy yourself some renters insurance pronto.

Major Bedhead said...

Good grief, Sarah, that's ridiculous.

Seconding what Shannon said....