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Monday, May 14, 2007

I Need Your Help

I’m looking for published studies/articles which indicate a decrease in hypoglycemic episodes for people who are using continuous glucose monitors.

I am appealing my insurance’s denial of coverage for the real time glucose monitor on the basis that there are no long term controlled studies in the peer reviewed medical literature indicating a better outcome than standard testing. I would like to appeal this as I am looking looking for a better outcome not with a lower a1c, but by fewer hypoglycemic episodes.

So bring on the links! Please!

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Anonymous said...

I have gleaned from the CWD forum posting on the continuous monitors -- go to, and check under "Forums", topic Continuous Monitors" -- that there are ways to document properly medical necessity for using them. One thing I read was if you have, and document, a hospitalization due to low blood sugar, that will influence the insurance companies, because the hospital bill is expensive. Keep good records of all your lows, etc. I would call up Minimed and try to get a list of the insurance companies that do cover these monitors. It will be an uphill battle, you will have to fight, but there are ways it can be done. However, some insurance companies are not going to cover, regardless. You need to know where your insurance stands. If you read all the posts on the CWD forum Continuous blood glucose monitoring, a few mothers tell, in detail, how they fought the insurance companies and won. Good luck! Blog how it all works out.