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Friday, August 03, 2007


Ya…..I reached this 29 something milestone earlier this week. 29 years of me. Unabridged Sarah.

Next year I’ll be 30. Next month I’ll have had diabetes for 16 years.

On my birthday? I got a card with Jack White on the cover of it. Amazing. I have it hanging on my work computer. I can pretend I am him all day. See that is just the thing, I don’t necessarily find Jack White attractive, I just find “being him” incredibly appealing. So when I am fantasizing about Jack White, I am really not “fantasizing” (ick, oh stop me) I am fantasizing about living my life as the illustrious, genius Jack White. Whatever that entails. Is that creepy? Probably. I can’t say I ever guaranteed that this blog would lack creepiness though……

So, on to other things. I volunteered to help facilitate a “Parents of Children with Autism” support group that is held once a month. I’m still waiting to see if I made it into the Partners in Policymaking program. I feel as though opportunities to help other families have been given to me in such a way as they feel natural to embark upon.

And all I have to thank for that, I guess, is God.

I should also probably thank him for 29 years of life, 16 years of complication-free diabetes, and beautiful healthy endearing challenging children.


Molly said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope that you had a special day. Congrats on 16 years living with diabetest too! (fyi.. small bday was last week, and my anniversary with diabetes is next week.)

Anonymous said...

Attitude is everything my dear, and you have a great deal of it! You give more than you get, and what goes around, comes around. [cliches can often be true!]
Many happy returns of the day and many blessings too. love m

Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy belated birthday!

Minnesota Nice said...

Happy Birthday Sarah.
You are a fabulous lady and wonderful mother.
May the coming year bring you continued good health and peace, joy, and fulfillment.

BTW, even though I have not net you it seems like the
"Friday Night" pic on TD really captures your essence.