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Friday, August 24, 2007

Shot Reduction

So Gracie has been needing less insulin. Amazingingly so. Actually, last night she received no shot at all…..and woke up at 97.

A couple of months ago we were preparing to start insulin with meals. Her blood sugars were high consistently and I was a mess preparing for this big change. Then? There was a slow return to normal. A little later they started running low. From 2units, to 1.5units, to 1unit, to .5units, and now to 0 (no shot mom?). I’m not quite sure what my take is on this. I mean, it is fabulous, but does this mean she doesn’t have diabetes (wishful thinking)? How long will it be before we need to start insulin again? I know this occurrence isn’t all that rare for newly diagnosed children with diabetes, but Gracie has been diagnosed around 10 months and has never started short acting insulin.

Should I call her endocrinologist? What do I do? Why am I in a quandary about no shots?

Right now we test around 8 times a day. Gracie will have around 1 high per day (typically 170 – 190) and then normal the rest of the day. She has been having recurring lows throughout the day which is why I have been forced to reduce her insulin over the past month.

So now we wait. We wait for a high. We wait for normal blood sugars. And I can’t help like feeling that when we have to start insulin again, it will feel as overwhelming and depressing and crushing as it did at diagnosis.

….Slowly ever so slowly pulling off the band-aid……


Shannon said...

The same thing happened to Brendon during his first or second year of diagnosis.

For a while I thought maybe it's some freak of nature thing where he had diabetes and then was miraculously cured.

I guess he had some beta cells still squirting out some insulin? I don't know.

All I can say, enjoy the ride while it lasts. And I hope the return to higher numbers doesn't hit you too hard.

Major Bedhead said...

Call the endo - it can't hurt.

I don't remember Olivia doing that right after diagnosis, but I think her pancreas was totally shot by the time they figured out what was wrong with her. Idiot doctors.

Jonah said...

That sounds really pleasant, but what's Gracie's take? Does she get to wondering/asking if her diabetes is gone?

Penny Ratzlaff said...

Riley is going through a time right now where he's been running low. So, he's been on decreased basals alot and getting completly uncovered snacks without it screwing up his sugars.

I too, secretly wish that he's somehow slowly becoming healed. But, I know he's not. I'm just waiting to where those lower basals mean higher sugars.

Hang in there. Enjoy the needle free time while it lasts.