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Monday, January 01, 2007

Dare to Play Twister?

Sandis much preferred spinning the wheel to playing the game, but we all have our part (just as in life!) and I suppose that the wheel was his part! Gracie showed us all how flexible she truly is, and Bob? Well Bob was just goofy....

Bob later played the guitar and sang some songs for us. Sandis felt the music in a way that perhaps only Bob understands. Bob is a great guitarist, drummer, and singer. Bob brings music to our lives. He is the musician in our lives! And damn, he sure can strum that guitar!

Bob and I later settled down with some champagne and some love, and the kids wiped out in the pink tent. I find so much peace and joy in making memories with my family, with Bob as a part of our family. He is an addition, but it is as though he has always been a part. He IS a part, and we are so blessed that he is with us!

I also managed to get in some end of the year interviews. It was fun for me, and I figured I'd enter in the questions we asked and the answers we got here!

What was your favorite thing about last year?
Sandis - going swimming in the summer
Gracie - playing with the toys at school
Bob - getting a new Iron Man watch
Sarah - Finishing two half-marathons.

What was your favorite song last year?
Sandis - Broken Boy Soldier by the Raconteurs (bob prompted him on this one though)
Gracie - ABC's had a farm
Bob - Woman by Wolfmother
Sarah - Forever for Her is Over for Me by the White STripes

What was your favorite Christmas gift?
Sandis - Tent! (go Bob!)
Gracie - Tent! (go Bob! can you imagine him grinning ear to ear at this point?)
Bob - The watch (I gave him that watch, last minute thought I had.....)
Sarah - My winter jacket (Bob picked it out all by himself, and bless his heart, he bought me a junior's MEDIUM the first try, so he had to take it back and get an XL)

What was your favorite movie?
Sandis - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (he knows the damn movie by heart, seriously)
Gracie - Spirit the "horsie" movie
Bob - Munich
Sarah - Lil Miss Sunshine

I hope you all had a happy new year and good luck in your ventures in the future!


Chris said...

Im beginning to realize that the best New Years parties will be the ones at home with your family. I loved your post and your pics were great.
Happy New Year!

In Search Of Balance said...

You guys are so cute! Glad to hear that your New Year's was a happy one.


KC's Blog said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! What gorgeous kiddos!

KC's Blog said...

I forgot to say, I added you to my blogroll as well:) Thanks for the add:)

Carey said...

Great fotos. I love the interviews. I like doing the same with mine with the camcorder.

I also like Sandis' song choice.

Minnesota Nice said...

Those men who underestimate clothing sizes are precious beyond words!!11 Bless you Bob....

HVS said...

Awesome memories.
(did the kids make it to midnight?)

Kris said...

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for keeping up with Hayleigh's blog. I have been reading yours for some time but I am never able to post. (I always have a wiggly baby on my lap and that makes it hard, LOL!) Anyway, looks like you all had a fun New Years! My kids love twister too. Me? I'm getting a bit too old to play, LOL! I hope you have a very Happy 2007! Oh, and please wish us luck! Hayleigh gets the pump tomorrow!