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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Star of the Week

My boy is a star. And man oh man oh man is he ever excited!

I receive general weekly correspondence with Sandis’s teacher and his school. Last week there was a surprise in my packet of info….Sandis was selected to be the star of the week for this week!

Now, don’t go to overboard with this. Every child in Sandis’s class at some point gets to revel in being the star of the week. But this week is Sandis’s week, so that means it is super special to me, and ridiculously cool and special to him.

The star of the week gets to have pictures of himself and family up on the Star bulletin board all week. They also get to bring in their favorite book. They get to draw a picture to be displayed on the Star bulletin board all week. They get to be the line leader ALL week (although Sandis is either always hand in hand with the teacher or assistant during each transition that requires leaving the room. Otherwise they would lose him. Which is not good.) They get to pick special songs to sing and get to do all the special kindergarten chores. So the star of the week is a six year old (or five year old) star in all aspects of kindergarten life. And lastly, they get to bring in five toys. Five toys to share with all their friends and gleam over. Sandis brought his bible, remote control car, hot wheel car launcher, picture of his bestest cousin Anita, and his skateboard.

Sandis this morning was explaining to me how special a day yesterday was for him.

“MOM! Yesterday was a very special day for me!

1. It was the first day of the week
2. It ws the first day of the week that I was a star
3. I got to lead all the lines all day
4. I got to pick the song we sang
5. I got to share my remote control car
So, Mom, yesterday was very special for me wasn’t it mom?”

He was so concise and clear, it was hilarious. My normally bumbling, running, jumping, ridiculously silly boy was so clear as to why yesterday was such a big day.

And honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Sandis really needs to celebrate himself right now. He needs that boost of self confidence as he ventures forth to seek a new friend.

My Star of the Week. Ah man, it gets me all teary inside!


Laura said...

Congratulations Sandis

Christine said...

Congrats to Sandis! Tell him he rocks!

KC's Blog said...

How awesome Sandis! You are the star of the week! Heck you are a star everyday!

Amberthyme said...

Yay! I'm so glad that he is having a great time with his stardom! Watch out for the paparazzi.

Anonymous said...

He is a star! Good for him, for enjoying it so much. There's a kid who knows how to live it up! :)

Lyrehca said...


Penny Ratzlaff said...

I tried to post a comment yesterday and blogger wouldn't let me.

This post had me tearing up for some reason.

I'm so glad he's the "star" this week. Things like that are so important to kids.

Also, let him know,in my book, he's a star all the time.