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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Turned Inside Outward

Oral Surgery + Tylenol 3 (for 3 days, I know I'm a wuss) + gastroparesis + no physical activity = very terrible terrible unheard of constipation


This post is probably bordering on unpostable, but what the hell.

I seriously can not believe how bad constipation sucks. It has never been a real issue for me. The past two days I have spent way too much time grunting and pushing, and making extra certain that I'm only using the one private bathroom at work. And it sucks. My legs are sore. My hips are sore. I'm bloated. I feel like I'm turned inside out and twisted. All for the sake of two godforsaken turds that really didn't look quite as humongous as they felt. And I'm afraid there may be more.

I called the doctor today and they recommended an enema if I didn't have success with today's said turd. Which I did. I would jump for joy but if I do my insides will fall out. So i'm just gonna sit here and worry about tomorrow.

I've drank a ton of water. I even took a laxative. No more T3. And I'm praying that I dont have anymore of this gastric distress constipation issue. It sucks. Really.Stinkin.Bad.

On the bright side, my blood sugars have averaged 127 for the past two days, which is largely due to a complete lack of appetite. Woofrickinhoo!

(Come on people, lets look at the bright side of these things.....)

As an aside, I apologize if the turd terminology is offensive, but I just felt like sharing.....This won't be my best nor proudest post, but in hindsight, it may be my funniest ;)


Molly said...

Oh, man! I feel your pain.
A couple years ago I had a tumor removed. It was a five day hospital stint on morphine the whole time.
When I finally got home, things just wouldn't move. AT ALL. I tried everything on your list, as well as smoking a cig (a friend said it would work), drinking coffee, and "visualization." I have never been more uncomfortable in my life. The surgery pain was NOTHING compared to the lack of poo.
Hang in there. Hope things start moving. really.

Fred (Nic) said...

Oh gosh, I know your pain. I also have gastroparesis and it is so terrible. I can go up to 7 or 8 days without going at all. At the worst it has been 12 days of absoulte agony. My gastroenterologist and I have been working together and trying stuff forever. And the worst part is that the stuff doesn't always make me poo but makes me more gassy and bloated. Good luck, hang in there, and don't push too hard, the last thing you need is a case of hemorrhoids.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I also often have gastroparesis. The bloating HLH! Usually, after awhile, it just does get better.Don't ask me why. I hope it gets better for you SOON! The medicine Motilium Instant(domperidonum)does help. Ask you doc about it.

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh for goodness sake. Sounds wretched. I'm not trying to be funny, but the first thing I thought of was prunes.............but thankfully you don't have to add the rottenness feeling of high bg - that would really top the cake.
Feel better soon, Sarah.

BetterCell said...

The codeine from Tylenol #3 does cause constipation.
You are doing the correct thing by drinking extra fluids(water). What also can help is for you to do some stretching/yoga type of exercises as well as aerobics. Feel better.

Anonymous said...

Colace does it every time for me

Minnesota Nice said...

I just now noticed your new picture (duh......where have I been) and it's very nice.

floreksa said...

Oh. yuck! I remember the constipation I had after my c-section. I was quite afraid I'd never poop again.