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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ralk On!

It is early. Well early for me. My coffee is bitter, biting me with every sip. The air outside is also bitter. It is a nice combination that only serves to give my nerve endings an added jump. Bitter taste. Bitter coffee. It is funny, those things that give added value to any experience. Wind whipping. Coffee biting. Cold cutting. (haha, cold cuts) Experiences measured by the severity of the conditions.

I went for a run today. Yay! After a 12 – 13 week hiatus (honestly I’ve lost count, I probably ran last in October) I ran about two miles. Well, not exactly ran. I ralked. Haha. I ran some. Then walked some. Then ran some more. And I So 24 minutes later and successfully done with my run, I LOVE it! I FREAKIN DID IT! I thought about running every day this week but couldn’t drag my ass out of bed at 5 am. I’m hoping if I run Saturday and Sunday the habit will run with me on Monday. All I want is 30 minutes a morning. Thirty stinking minutes.

Good heart. Good health. Stupid freakin sugars. Gimp stinkin knee. Glorious mind. Straining legs.


…..but I need to start doing physical therapy exercises for my knee again so it doesn’t go stupid on me.


Carol said...

Way to go on the run. Ralk on! (sorry, couldn't resist).

Carol said...

OK, I just realized that's the title of your post. Forgive me, I have this weird flu/cold stuff that's interfering with my brain. But do "ralk on", nonetheless.

Maddy said...

You and Kristina are in good company! Running indeed and in that weather! Soon you'll both be very short as you're wearing your legs out. I bet you're one of those 'healthy' types that claim is 'clears the mind' and other such psychobabble. So pass me the coffee and the biccies and I'll watch you from inside in the cozy spot.
Cheers dears

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Here's to an even better run tomorrow :)

HVS said...

You go,gal.That's a great (getting back to the grindstone)-here's to continued
motivation in the days ahead!

Anonymous said...

Good job. Just take your time and ease yourself back into it, and drink your milk. I dreamed last night that I was running in a 5K, then I woke up with that huge cast at the bottom of my left leg. Augh!

So take care of yourself and keep on running.

KC's Blog said...

Ralk on!

I so need to get out and get some exercise as well!

Keep it up, you are doing great!

Amberthyme said...

You so totally RALK!!! Woo hoo! I hope the routine works for you -- you deserve something that is just for you to enjoy yourself.

Shannon said...

Ralking is all I can do right now too!! It's hard to run when it's cold because my lungs freeze up....that hurts!