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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Everything, All The Time, All At Once

Oh man I don’t even know where to begin concerning the acceleration of certain events in my life!

Sandis, my awesome little six year old, lost his very first tooth yesterday. It caused a mini meltdown before said loss, but once the fear of losing something that has been very near and dear to his lip for many years eased, he was on the road to ripping that string that held said tooth to gum. He is now well on the way to losing tooth #2, and me? I’m broke because of it. I had Sandis put his tooth under his pillow last night, and me, being wiped out and tired last night forgot to put any money under his pillow. So this morning I spent convincing him to run to the loo so I could slip some cash in place of the tooth under his pillow before he caught on that I hadn’t done so yet. And the bugger of it all is this. The smallest bill I had was a TEN. I got QUARTERS. My son gets forty times the rate when I was a child. Lucky bugger. I’m just hoping now that I can re-establish the tooth fairy currency to something more like a FIVE……if only to save my wallet.

Gracie, on the other hand had her diabetes and neurology appointment yesterday. Things went really well, although I was blasted tired the entire trip. The neurologist informed me that although she is weaker on the right than the left overall, the degree of difference is not enough to be indicative of a neurological disorder. He recommended that we pursue care under a physiatrist to help coordinate her physical medicine needs and ensure that the course we are taking currently (thera-togs and SMOs) is the most beneficial for her needs. So next specialist we enlist the aid of, I guess, is the local pediatric physiatrist. He also recommended that we pursue neuropsychological evaluations. Seeing as how he is now the second doctor to recommend that, we will more than likely have that done. We have already planned on it though by applying for Mayo’s DANA program. Her diabetes is doing fabulous, with an a1c of 5.3 (luckyducky). I recently increased Gracie’s insulin and it was cool to see on a graph how big of a change it made. Also, the doctor wants us to think about restricting her carbs at daycare to 45 carbs or under, if only to reduce some of her post meal spikes (no meal insulin yet) and to help season the day care staff on the ins and outs of carb counting. I will beginning that at day care in the next few weeks, as soon as I round up the carb counting manuals and examine my schedule to see when would be most convenient to do some day care training.

Now on to HUD and lawyer stuff. I have an appointment with my lawyer this afternoon, and I had a conversation with an intern at HUD this morning. I’m feeling positive about the whole exchange and I hope that things start moving a wee bit faster than snail pace now that I have some representation and HUD is on the case. The intern I spoke to was so positive in his dealings with me. He will be calling The Housing Coalition today, beginning with a certain Kris Lieser. All I can say in that respect is I hope she eats her words in 10,000 different ways. And then…….I hope she carries some forethought with her in regards to future dealings with tenants.

Now I’m off to go be obnoxious. Apparently my forte is being just that…..


Scott K. Johnson said...

Holy shyte! $10 from the tooth fairy! Maybe you can tell him that it was special one because it was his first...then back down the the standard $1 or $2?


It is kind of funny though, only because I've done the same thing about forgetting, and did the same thing with sending them into the bathroom. Ha!

Next time we do a get together maybe we can find a time that works better for you guys. Is there any good places to meet that might be halfway between here and there?

Major Bedhead said...

If I pull out a tooth, will you stop by my house? ;)

This is why I always keep quarter in a big ol' jug in my room. Instant tooth fairy money.

Molly said...

One of the kids that I work with came to school one day and told me that he had lost a tooth. He said that the tooth fairy came and brought him a fruit roll up and .45 cents. I'm sure that his parents dug through the house to find something to give him.

He thought it was funny.