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Thursday, June 21, 2007



I was doing something nonchalantly in a way that was completely respectful of my spinal limits. And yet, my spine reacted in a way that could never be expected. It revolted in a manner that I find more than unsettling.

Bending Slightly. Pulling Lightly on the wheelbarrow of my sacral destruction.

So I went to bed, one shot of jagermeister and a few chapters of Gunslinger VII later, and woke up miserable at 3:30am. My back is not happy with me. Not in any sense of any word.

So at 3:30 am I propped myself up gingerly on pillows and read, until that time that I needed to be awake, up, and running for school and work.

It is 1pm now, and I am less than refreshed. 1pm and 1 lumbar strain later.

The doctor said that it is a lumbar strain, and I very possibly have disc involvement, but that my back is too swollen at this point to evaluate that accurately. My reflexes in my right knee are delayed (imagine reflex knock on my knee, and said knee stays limp) so he suspects something is going on there. So I am sent on my way, prescriptions in hand, to reconvene with said doctor in a week.

My delayed thinking as of right now is chanting: Vicodin is NOT a good alternative to back health. Not one bit.


Amberthyme said...

Aaak! Just when you were getting back your time to run. I hope you get better soon. Take care of yourself.

BetterCell said...

"Vicodin is NOT a good alternative to back health. Not one bit.".............but it will help to alleviate your pain.
Feel better.

Major Bedhead said...

Oh man, that sucks. Don't drink the jagermeister AND take the Vicodin. That would be very bad.

Feel better soon!