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Friday, June 29, 2007

Running On Empty

I took a dive yesterday. Serious Dive.

I would imagine that most pre-menopausal (and some post) type 1 ladies out there can relate to this dive. A fairly common occurrence happens to me around the time of my menses. First there is the pre-mense spike followed at some point by the post-mense dive.

I took that dive. Downhill. Slippery slope. Off I go. Never-ever-again-land dive.

I spent all morning yesterday with an unresponsive high. 321. 322. 347. It is doubtful that the donuts helped with all that, but gimme a break will ya? That ten additional units of correction bolus really should have done the trick.

Then I went home to run. 147 pre-run. 20 minutes and a little over 2 miles later, 60. I inhale like 3 thousand glucose tabs (okay only 4) and keep a-rocking (running, but to the White Stripes). 6 minutes later? 38…..If I ate 3 thousand glucose tabs before, I had 8 thousand now (nah just 12). 4 minutes later? 27………..

I decided at this point (with whatever functioning brain cells I had left) that it was prudent to get off the treadmill. I don’t feel all that terrible at 27 (I’m not referring to my age here). I’m a little numb in my lips, in my hands, perhaps a little numb everywhere. But overall I’m doing alright. So I decide to wait it out. Plausible right? I just ate 12 glucose tabs four minutes earlier. I’m good.

I topped out at 139. Not bad for 16 glucose tabs within 10 minutes. I started my menses more than likely moments before I started my run, so my low-normalcy is here to stay for at least the next two days. And did I mention that I somehow gained NINE pounds OVERNIGHT? My body is so backwards.

Speaking of lows….currently 48

Before I reinvent the wheel here, I believe I may just excuse myself for that ill-regarded diabetic delicacy….

Glucose tabs.

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Chrissie in Belgium said...

I hear you load and clear - lets BOO together against this week's hypos. My hypos have a different cause than yours, but I too have been struggling ALL WEEK! i don't know how many 30s I have had this week. I scarely understood the boob-tube yesterday!