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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Lyrical Excursion

I’m in love with the White Stripes. Totally.

Thing is, though, I’m not so in love with their new album Icky Thump. I like the song, not so much the album. It is like they managed to fit all of their worst songs, ever, into one LP.

Amazing in that respect, I suppose.

One song I have been listening to quite a bit lately is Same Boy You’ve Always Known on the White Blood Cells LP. I always liked the sound of this song, but only recently (yesterday), while running, I actually listened to the words and I found even more to like about the song. It has a few great lines that had me thinking in that introspective running style that occurs every time I run.

“Pretty tough to think about
The beginning of December”

Initially this line really made no sense, until yesterday it clicked, DUH! God’s alive! It means the beginning of the end. I am always approaching the end of something, as static happenings imply nothing really happening at all… I am a beacon of change, whether I am desirous of the change or not is besides the point. When you think about it, it is pretty hard to think about change on the horizon that will come to pass regardless of any preventative measure you take.

“Same boy you’ve always known
Well I guess I haven’t grown”

This speaks to me more of perception than anything else. External perception of ourselves rather than our own perception and natural truth. Have you ever felt that way? You work so hard, change so much, and the only recognition or acknowledgement you receive is from yourself? After all this time, and too many impertinent and wholly pertinent struggles, I still haven’t mastered the ability to control other people’s perceptions and truth. I’ll let you know the trick…When I do….If I do……

As a side note, thanks for joining me on this entirely off-topic lyrical excursion….

The video starts off with a different song but shortly reverts to the song in question.

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Amberthyme said...

Thanks for the musical field trip. I had never heard them before. I'm glad hurting your back didn't affect being able to run.