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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A State of Morbid Mind

I stockpile things. Well not ALL things, but more specifically I stockpile diabetes supplies. Why? Why is it that I don’t stockpile water and food but I have a slew of syringes, pump supplies, test strips, and an over-abundance of insulin?

In the back of my mind I venture places that I otherwise would not dare. I imagine situations of war, terror, or natural disaster and in these places, I calculate the number of days or weeks I would live off of the insulin supply I have. I plan ways to conserve insulin in these situations, and I imagine that should there be a natural disaster or act of terror that permanently destroys our infrastructure my first act would be to loot the pharmacy and take ALL the insulin I could, no matter the type of insulin, just whatever I could fit into my pack and carry. That and syringes. I imagine guarding these precious supplies as if they were my life, which in all actuality they would be.

So what about you? If I haven’t triggered hoarding tendencies by this post alone, perhaps you already stash a sizable amount of supplies “just in case.”

This reminds me, I really do need to get more syringes…….


Lia Hollander said...

While I do have all my emergency supplies ready, I think the most telling thing that has happened is when I first got my pump. I started having dreams where people tried to take it away from me and I fought back and won.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Sarah - I have the EXACT SAME THOUGHTS...

Scary. Maybe it's a MN thang?


roid said...

In Australia my diabetes stuff is practically free (yay) - but i'm not allowed to purchase large amounts of it at once.

This makes me nervous, because i grew up in one of those Christian Apocalypse religions who demanded that we be terrified constantly, so i can't help but think and plan like a survivalist.

It makes me feel the government have me on a short chain - my short supply of diabetes supplies. I just came back from diabetes-australia with 2-3 months supply of test strips, coz i could only get a max of 9 boxes. I kinda want a year's supply though.

I used to be a bit of an Anarchist. Until it hit me that insulin dependant ppl have no choice but to be hopelessly dependant on the system. sigh