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Monday, January 14, 2008

Upcoming Plans for 2008

My boss recently told me that she feels that I thrive when I am challenged.

This is a very interesting perception in regards to my personality. After some introspection of my own, I was astonished with just how accurate it is.

I have no problem stepping up to the plate. In fact, I do it with an exaggerated flourish. When facing a challenge in which the outcome is perhaps uncertain, I find myself writing more passionately, experiencing life more intensely, and upping my levels of organization and activities to accommodate my “new” challenge. I accomplish the most mundane, ordinary tasks more effectively when fed by looming challenge, even when the challenge is unrelated to the task.

Conversely, if there is no plate to “step up” to, I tend to languor in contented complacency.

This week I expect to “graduate” from physical therapy for my back. I will no longer be the participant of two 50 minute strengthening sessions per week as I seem to have turned a corner in regards to pain in my back, and I have built up a wonderful core strength reserve. Yay! I also intend to complete my Occupation Therapy myofascial release sessions. What does this mean? This week ends my hectic four appointments per week recovery schedule post-surgery. I will have some much needed pause in my schedule.

I began Partners in Policymaking in September of 2007. In this program, despite having an intense recovery program to adhere to in this same month and month’s following, I have learned just how capable I am of adding “one more thing” to my list of responsibilities and endeavors. I have spent countless hours reading, writing letters, reading, and then writing even more letters. The knowledge I have gained in the area of disability advocacy and effecting positive policy change to affect entire communities is incredible. I am convinced that my life has found a personal & career direction that it previously lacked.

What does this mean? I graduate Partners in Policymaking in May of 2008. In June of 2008 I intend to go “back to school” (as in college) in pursuit of either a political science or social science degree. I intend to focus not only my personal endeavors, but my future career endeavors on disability policy advocacy. Partners really gave me the confidence to pursue this, as I know that I can handle the load of a class or two per semester. I also know that if I choose to pursue a career in disability advocacy, while I can garner much professional experience without a degree, I can accomplish so much more with a degree.

So wish me luck, and as we get closer to “take-off” I’ll share more of my plans in this regard.


meanderings said...

Just reading your posts most days exhausts me. I don't know how you do all that you do. I agree with your boss - you definitely enjoy a challenge.
I am tickled that you're planning to go to school!!!

Minnesota Nice said...

Good Luck Sarah!!!!
Will you be going to SCSU?