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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Circulating the Three MeMe

Meme of Threes

Three Things I Do Every Day:
Test my Blood sugar, Test my daughter's blood sugar, Kiss my Kids

Three Things I Wish I Could Do Every Day:
Wake up refreshed, Run, Eat a plate of cookies with no weight gain consequences

Three Hopes I Have for Today:
I hope I get my laundry done, I hope that I can go to Barnes and Nobles, and I hope I get plenty of kisses and love from my kiddos

Three Things I Hear:
Spirit (the movie), my fan, keys clicking

Three Ways I Have Changed my Life:
Stopped using fentanyl and benzodiazepines, Ran two half-marathons, learned to shut up (sometimes)

Three People I Wish I Could See Again:
Sonja Jaramillo, Grandpa, jello Biafra (although doubtful)

Three Items I Wish I Owned:
A home, an engagement ring, a new couch

Three Wishes I Had When I Was Young:
To make a positive difference in the political world (ick!), to be an engineer, to be known as the smartest woman alive

Three Fears I Have:
The death of one of my children, The death of one of my parents, My car breaking down

Three Things on My Desk:
ky jelly (haha, and I'm not even joking), my cell phone, and my camera

Three Thoughts in My Mind:
I'm tired, Do you remember that cartoon "THE CRITIC"? He has a part in "Spirit"., I wish I had a maid (and I don't even care if he is hot!)

1 comment:

art-sweet said...

Um, okay I'll bite: the KY? On your desk? At work? Do 'splain please. Or else I'm going to start thinking you're in a verrry interesting line of work ;-)