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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why Won’t They Call Me Back?!?!

Okay, I’m having a problem. And seriously, it is pissing me off. Lately, just about everything pisses me off though, so I had to really examine this issue to see if it was worth, well, being pissed off about. See the thing is, I can’t get people to call me back. I don’t care if they get ahold of me so much (well I do but that isn’t the point) as knowing that they have made at least one attempt, within 24 hours of me leaving THEM a message, that they have tried to call me back.

Through the course of one day, I usually attempt to contact at least one social worker, at least one nurse, and at least one doctor. I usually attempt SEVERAL times and I often leave SEVERAL messages, depending on how pressed I am feeling to communicate information to them and have information communicated back to me. I receive, on average, one call back per day. And it usually isn’t the one person I REALLY wanted to get ahold of.

Anyone at my son’s school is a prime example of this. Frustrated by my son’s current circumstances with the school I tried to get in touch with the school social worker several times yesterday. I left one message at 8:30 am and then left another, with the school secretary at 3:30pm. I gave her hours and hours and hours to leave a message at one of my THREE numbers (work, home, cell) and I got NOTHING.


Ick. I can’t tell you how icked that makes me. I do understand that I haven’t given her a full 24 hours, but I was feeling hard pressed yesterday to speak with her, and she didn’t call me back. Ick.

Now going to my son’s teacher. She is fabulous every time I do manage to corner her, but I have taken to interrupting her lunch break in the teacher’s lounge because the woman just does not call me back. And if she is calling me, she isn’t leaving me a message, which would be a crying shame because her not calling me for several days despite me leaving her a daily message really ticks me off.

Ticks. Me. Off.

So, outside of me being a total nag and losing my hair over this crap, how can I get these people to call me back? I’m not even gonna get INTO getting a doctor to call me back, that is a whole new entry right there!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

How frustrating.

Like you need anything else to occupy your mind right?!

I often wonder what the hell has happened to that whole "do unto others..." thing.