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Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Few Good Things (from the Past 30 Days)

Just in case you were thinking that my life is like network t.v. dramas, I figured I would fill all of you in on some of the good (and completely undramatic things) that have happened in the past 30 days......

1. My son got strep throat, and I didn't!
2. I rearranged my living room (yes I admit to being a rearranger cleaner) and it quite possibly looks the most awesome it ever has!
3. Bob drove the distance to my family farm in his car (rather than me in mine!)
4. After Bob drove the distance, my grandma and unclenauntie gave us 30 bucks to help with gas. Guess how much it cost to fill up as we head out of town? 29.99 baby. How cool is that?
5. My daughter overcame her fear of living breathing animals (up until now anything, including kittens, evoked a curdling scream) over thanksgiving at the farm, and even ran up to and fed the horses.

6. I got a picture of Bob loving on a kitten.

7. Bob went hunting with the men of the family. His first time ever hunting, and he came back smiling! Us women were a little worried......
8. I spent some serious gabbing time with grandma, auntie suzie, auntie carla, and Cousin Ronnie (who by the way, is 22, and the last time I saw her I think she was 11..!)
9. I had ice cream.....and cookies.....For dinner today......Words cannot explain how perfect that dinner was.
10. I started my christmas shopping.....and although I could not find that deluxe chess set (table) I was pining to buy for Bob-The-Babe (Builder) I did find some really really really cute stuff for the kids. And so it begins!

Happy Holidays Folks and I hope we can all find reasons to be happy in the little things, because although the big things may be defining moments, they do not define our lives quite so much as the many small things we often take for granted!


Minnesota Nice said...

The pictures were great. It's so Norman Rockwell - Thanksgiving At the Farm - I love it!
I had to tell you that I tried my first sprouted grain product - the tortillas made by French Meadow that are now available at my local Lund's. I didn't even know what they were at first, but the words Fat Flush jumped out at me and then I looked closer at the package. I thought they were very good and really liked the earthy-ness and chewey texture - however, of course, it was hard to keep portion control in mind.
Now I'm anxious to try the other products. Thanks for the tip!
Are you still having your appointment at the IDC? I thought maybe you put it off because of the stuff with the kidlets.
SO glad you had a good holiday, Sarah. May it continue in the coming days.

Vivian said...

Sarah, Wow things have really been hopping for you. I am so glad that you and your wonderful family had such a good thanksgiving.
My cousin's son has autism and they live in St. Paul, small world. You are so strong and such a great mom. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jamie said...

Hi Sarah - thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Sounds like you had an awesome Thanksgiving. I love the pictures - your daughter is adorable!

Hope you didn't suffer from a turkey hang over :)

Anonymous said...

that is the pefect dinner.
cute kitten, cats rock.
vic x

HVS said...

Is that a minature pony? it is entirely too cute.
I'm glad that you had a good weekend, hoping that the next 30 will bring many more good(then bad) moments.
How are your daughter's blood sugars doing?

Shannon said...

It looks like decent things happened!! Bob looks adorable holding that kitten, LOL.

I hope your daughter is doing well.

And I must say that with everything on your plate being a single mom with two children who need extra care, you are doing amazingly well!!

You're my new hero :)