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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Holey Smokes Man I've Been Tagged

It is a sign of the times, or it is just a November thing, or whatever it is, but it is. I have been tagged! I was honestly wondering if it would ever happen to me, so I tried not to YIP! with glee when purplehaze up and tagged me! I guess I pick five random things about me and then try and tag someone who hasn't been tagged after that so I guess here goes!

1. I HATE CHARTER!!! This is actually a new thing....But it really really really pisses me off. I downgraded my cable television service and all hell broke loose from there. They have not managed to get billing correct, they have not managed to get cable downgraded, when they do manage to get cable downgraded, they turn off internet, upon attempts to fix said internet problem, they try and have me PAY for them to fix THEIR screw up. I don't care what the hell it costs, this 7 or 8 phone calls over the past month (and 4 phone calls in the past three days) has cost me over 10 hours of my time and it freaks me the hell out. I cancelled today, and now I have entered AOL dial up land and I'm not sure if I'm happy about it. But i am freaking RELIEVED that I never have to call f******* charter AGAIN!

2. I am totally anal and rigid about my schedule. If something changes, I usually respond by getting pissed and stressed. I cannot handle schedule changes, so if you can't be here, well, you HAVE to be here because my coping skills concerning change are basically nil.

3. I never graduated high school. I did get my GED, but I never finished high school. I actually dropped out after freshman year.

4. I love hockey! Most people who know me from way back know this, but one of my favorite handles and usernames (iamslh) stands for "I am sarah loves hockey") that said, I LOVE hockey. I am an avs fan, and I still remember when they came to denver (from quebec) and won the cup their first year! Nothing can ever replace the likes of patty roy, joey sakic, peter forsberg, claude lemieux, and Sandis Ozolinsh all on one team together.

5. That being said, I named my son Sandis after hockey player Sandis Ozolinsh. The best damn skater on the planet. I used to go to pre-season training at the World Hockey Center in Colorado Springs and I remember just being in AWE over Sandis and his skates. My son isn't the same as that, but hey, I'll give him time. Oh, and did you know that Sandis Ozolinsh's parent's started him out in figure skating, not hockey?

Okay, Those who I tag are (please excuse me for not linking, I don't have the addresses memorized and still getting the hang of AOL)

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and lastly,
(I know you've already been tagged and I know there is no double tagging so just ignore this)
Scott at Scott's Diabetes Journal


Minnesota Nice said...
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Minnesota Nice said...

Sister, I knew you were a gate-crasher from way back - go ahead and sneak that double tag in.
I wondered where Sandis got his name from.
Hope the appt tomorrow goes well. Drive safely. I hate that long stretch of 94 where you are in the middle lane with a big semi on each side - makes me very claustrohobic.

Major Bedhead said...

Cool! My husband's a big hockey fan. He's Canadian, though, so he has to be, by law, I think.

Didn't Ray Bourque go to Colorado from the Bruins?

Sarah said...

Raymond Bourque! He did! and he won his one and only cup there! It was fabulous!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Very cool stuff!!

I'm honored to be "double tagged"!!

I don't know how long I could stand dial up internet - but you got to do what you got to do!

I'll be sure to be promptly on time whenever I get the pleasure of meeting you & the kids!

I'm not much of a hockey fan, but I think the name "Sandis" rocks.

I'll shoot you an e-mail tonight or tomorrow with my contact info and we'll see if we can't coordinate something soon.

Take care!