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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Books and Other Such Things.......(Our Weekend)

In light of my recent dilemnas surrounding money, I did the only reasonable thing this weekend to ease my heart. I went shopping.

Ya well, so perhaps it was not the wisest thing I've ever done, depleting my savings account further, but it sure felt good. I bought books. Bob and the kids and I visited Barnes and Noble. Due to the fact that we have no cable and thus no televison channels at all right now I have been reading much more. And I have been craving some fiction. Easy fiction. Not classic fiction I can read a thousand times over, but easy fiction that will ease my mind after a long day. So I bought the five Anne Rice books I have not yet read, and the Davinci Code. I imagine that for the next month I will have plenty to read. And I only spent fifty bucks....(aack!)

It has been ridiculously cold this weekend. Stupidly so. So stupidly cold that it killed my car. I love waking up in the morning, heading out to the car with the full inentions of heading off and away to wherever I intend to drive, and am met with the slow, cold, sluggish uffda I just can't make it from my car. Fabulous. Really. Two days in a row. So I bought a battery. An expensive one. The most expensive battery I could find at Walmart. So, let's hope my car continues to start and the 60 some dollar battery I invested in has many many returns in successful car starts.

It was Sandis's week at church today. Things went well, but I was less prepared. I tempted fate and we went to church without a brush. It was much harder. Next time I will bring the brush and I will brush before we go, and anytime inbetween. It is awesome how much my son loves church. He is not afraid to enjoy just being in God's house. Sometimes I really wish I could find that same joy in his sanctuary. Maybe that feeling is lost with age. I hope not.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Shopping! Funny! :-)

I hope you enjoy your books - and the lack of cable has to ease that financial picture just a little bit I would think...

Take care!

I hope this week warms up! I didn't leave the house today!!

Anonymous said...

We didn't re-up our cable when we moved, and I've really been enjoying it. It's great that you got to treat yourself at the bookstore... sometimes, no matter what our judgement tells us, we need a reward. It's good for the soul, and I'm glad to hear you got one.

I hope you have a great time reading your books! If you need mindless lit, I have an embarrasing selection of Patricia Cornwell (which, equally embarrassingly, I very much enjoyed) that was passed to me from a friend and which I am ready to pass along... just give a shout :)

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Have lots of fun reading. So Anne Rice is good? I will check it out at B&N! Thanks for the tip.

Bernard said...

Hey Sarah

Do you have an Amazon wish list, in case any of us wanted to treat you with a book?

It's great to hear that Sandis gets so much from going to church. I didn't make it yesterday because of some bug and I miss that.

Today it's about 5 degrees out there. So my wife did the goats care and feeding to spare our 8 year old.

Stay warm.

bethany said...

shopping solves all problems :-D and i've lived without cable for i think 10 years now ... it makes life a little more peaceful i think ... though some days i really wish i had it :-D

Anil said...

I find it hard to spend the money on buying new easy fiction books anymore.
I end up either using the library or the used books stores. Sure like browsing in the used book stores. Always interesting things lurking in the shadows...
But then there are the Harry Potter books, which I do want to read as soon as they come out. I think I might end up shelling the money for that one....

Sarah said...

To answer your question, I don't have any books wish list per se. I've thought about buying cheating destiny, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Let's just say that I've been wanting easy fiction lately. I normally buy classic fiction (i lurrvv Jonathan Swift, Virginia Woolf, Albert CAmus) but I need something alittle lighter for at night when I'm super tired lately!