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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Retail Therapy

Ahhhhhhhhh. The joys of money. I mean, not to besmirch the joys of love and family, but there is just SOMETHING that is so damn FULFILLING about retail therapy (spending said money).

The song my coworkers and I were singing this past Friday as we finished up the weekly (daily) grind of paid by the hours was this: "B is for Bonus!" And was it ever. Last year I didn't get a bonus as I wasn't in the company long enough. This year I was 700 dollars deep into bonus land. Holey moley is that cool eh? Just the week before I hadn't even managed to pull 27 hours (26.9) because of diabetes and what? oh ya, diabetes in my little peanut (read endocrine appointment 2 hours away one day and ketones from the flu the other). It was so nice to walk into bonusland after a week like that.

So what did I do? I practised some of that retail therapy I've noted above. I bought myself some cool things, and I spent even MORE money on those I love. Why? Because it feels good.

Gracie has been in some dire need of shoes. With her braces I haven't found any pairs of dress shoes that will do with them, but we DID find two uber-cool pairs of skechers that rock ANY competing pair of dress shoes (bye bye black patent). I'm psyched for my shoe loving peanut because although we weren't able to do the dressy stuff (and won't for who knows how long unless we happenstance on a miracle in shoe-ness) we were able to get her some nice shoes that fit well over her braces and will be comfortable. A plus is they look cool!

We went to the gallows at JC Penney (or as Gracie says Gracie Pennie) and hit the sales racks. Bob got a winter jacket that seriously missed the market in Saint Cloud, but hit his retro 70's spot just right for around 10 bucks. I also bought him a couple of tees and a sweater. I bought a pair of jeans (in a size 14 due to my recent gluttonous ways), 3 blouses, and two pairs of super sexy heels that will bring my 5'6 frame to around 5'9 (so much better for my BMI!). Sandis cashed in with a Goonies dvd and a pair of super hot jeans (boot cut for my boy!).

So why do I feel the need to recant my purchases to all of you? I am extending my retail therapy, that is why. And believe you me, I will be reliving it every day this week with my awesome heels (bought for a ridiculous 4.97).

On a different note, it was Sandis's day at church today. I prepared by doing brushing and joint compressions before. I also brought the brush, his new chewy tube, and put together a schedule on a white board that we brought with. He was so calm for so much of it, it was amazing. A few of the kids were curious about Sandis's chewy tube and the white board. After explaining the chewy tube, one kid (a super cute 5th grader "NT") exclaimed what a good idea that is and how much he would benefit from one since he chews on "EVERYTHING!" It was awesome to get positive feedback from kids on that, as the district autism coordinator at Sandis's school had said that the chewy tubes can invite teasing from other kids. Whatever. This made me feel positive about feedback from other kids. Kids can be mean about anything. We had some stresses during sunday school but we made it with a break, a walk, and some brushing in the middle. We also made it through church until after the children's sermon!

I've been helping bob with a special task of his this weekend, inputting a few hours for boookkeeping here and there this weekend, and in return he is helping me around the house. It is awesome for him to help me, and for me to help him.

I'm still enjoying my retail therapy, numb and joyous all over. Too bad the shopping feeling doesn't last forever, but it was nice!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Very super cool.

I love the Goonies!! Sounds like you got some really awesome deals too!

Drea said...


Everyone deserves a good weekend :)


Chrissie in Belgium said...

fDoing something is double as fun if you can share your experience with another afterwards. The shoes, the jeans, the DVD - it sound like a second Xmas. Glad you had fun. Retail therapy - you can coin the phrase! Also your "chore switching" with Bob - great idea.

Laura said...

Goonies Rock. Great Deals Too