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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One Crazy Day

Yesterday couldn’t have been any more exhausting. Well it could have, but we won’t think about that. I prefer the sensationalism of supreme exhaustion. It gets my point across better.

Last week I turned in my kids’ TEFRA applications. TEFRA is Medicaid disability in Minnesota which is offered regardless of parent income to children who qualify (qualification is determined by a State Medical Review Team). Recently my children had lost Medicaid coverage (based on family income) so I was in a hurry to apply for this coverage as I believe both children should qualify. Yesterday I received a call from my new financial worker. It turns out that my previous financial worker made some sort of DIRE DIRE error (dire because it could have cost me oodles of cash) and I actually DO qualify for Medicaid based on my income, for the children only. I fell under their monthly income ceiling amount by around 200 dollars.

I’m not sure that even if I perseverated on this subject for the next three days I could adequately describe the absolute coolness of this. I’ve been hoping for the TEFRA Medicaid coverage so I can apply for PCA services for Sandis. I’m not sure how many hours we’ll qualify for as Sandis is extremely high functioning, but the fact is that as the demands grow in regards to home OT programming and doctor’s appointments, I just don’t have enough hands/time/daylight/stamina/sanity to do EVERYTHING recommended. I am running out of time to teach Sandis basic life skills which bums me right out. I am trying so hard to fit in doctor’s appointments and therapies that a whole bunch of stuff is getting lost in the shuffle, and seriously, even if I only get five hours a week (is that even reasonable to expect?) I am banking huge on OT home program maintenance and doctor appointment transportation with a PCA. HUGE. So I’m anxious to get this process rolling, and it could only get started with straight Medicaid. Which we now have. Relief is on the horizon! There IS a horizon! This also means that Sandis can start speech therapy focusing on social skills (that Blue Cross doesn’t cover with a diagnosis of autism), the only area he has major deficits in speech (you know the pragmatics of things.)

Now add to the equation that having Medicaid for the kids cuts out ALL of their copays, percentages, and deductibles, and I’m saving a boatload. Which is good, because without job #2(sayonara sister), I don’t have any portion of that boatload!

I was having a fairly happy day enjoying the relief having Medicaid allows. On the way out of work I left Bob a happy message asking him to call me back so I can tell him my good news of the day. As I’m walking to my car, I notice that my passenger door is ajar. Hmmmmm. That’s weird. I think that Sandis must not have shut it tight. As I get closer to the car, I notice that the passenger seat is so far back that if you were in the seat, you would not be sitting you would be lying down. Even weirder. There is a sinking feeling in my chest as I get up to my car, close enough to see through the window. Stereo. Gone. Center Console. Gone. Tore up. Broken. Big Gaping Hole In My Car. Assholes.

My phone rings, and it is Bob, calling me back to get the good news. I snap back with stereo thievery details, and he is confused. He thought I had good news! Haha, such is life sometimes eh? Big bad nasty hole in my car, Medicaid, and no more music (thank God we can make our own).

The first thing I do upon arriving home is check my mail. Well, what did I get in the mail yesterday but an order of child support from Gracie’s father in the amount of $328 per month. I don’t actually ever expect to see that money, but if I do, man if I do…….What a load that would ease.

So you know what? I had two really awesome things happen yesterday. And that rocks! And as far as the stereo thief is concerned…..Well, nevermind about that. It isn’t possible to say anything nice about that whole thing.


Penny Ratzlaff said...


I'm so sorry about your car.

I'm a home health nurse so I deal with the PCA program a bit. Of course, I only know how it is in NC, but the PCA plan in NC usually allows 2-3 hours a day 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) I know that would be a big help to you.

So, yeah for the child support and Medicaid. Boo, to whoever rampaged your car.

Lyrehca said...

Oy, sorry about your car. Did you file a police report for the insurance claim? Or will you forego the claim so your premium doesn't rise?

Glad to hear the rest of the day was going well!

Molly said...

As the dog trainers constantly said to me when I was starting to work with Dixie..."slow is fast."
So sorry to hear about your car. That sucks.
Hang in there.

Minnesota Nice said...

Two minus one still leaves one, right?
I have had more cars vandalized, windows broken, etc. The people at the glass shop finally said, "you've already got the travel mug, the car compass, the litter bag and now we've run out of gifts". I still use them cuz they're really good at dealing with insurance.
Still, it really makes you feel icky.

KC's Blog said...

I am so sorry to hear about your car. That is the pits!
We had a van about 4 years ago tht was stolen while we slept. We found the van (burned) about 4 days later. There are such evil people out there:(

Hang in there

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I've been so bad about commenting lately. I am so happy for you for the medical coverage and child support! What wonderful things.

I also want to say how impressed I am with the way you handle what are very difficult situations. Your fortitude, resolve, and hope is nothing short of inspiring.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Happy about the Medicaid, but oh so sorry about the car thievery..... Life doesn't want us to get too happy!

Drea said...

Ok now that just sucks. Sorry....when my car stereo was stolen, I ended up with a newer one that was easier to I hope all the best :)

Hang in there!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Awesome news on a couple fronts, bummer about the car.

I also very much agree with Beth (In Search of Balance) about your fortitude and resolve. Very inspiring.