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Monday, February 12, 2007

One Day At A Time.

And so we move forward, and there is light. There is light reflected in our tears. There is light reflected in our smiles, our eyes, our everything. It glances off our skin, our clothes, our hearts, our minds…. infiltrating everything…..where we go, where we have been, and what our future holds. One Day At A Time. A lifetime of tomorrows. A lifetime in today.

Can I count the blessings that today does hold? Shall I count the kisses I am so lucky to have? I can not. I must. For every day I question that we are provided for, I am surprised. I am sober in my reception of each gift of time, each gift of help, each gift of service…..Each gift a little more of life. We share this, and it will not last forever. One day this too will end. My children will grow and they will leave, returns only visits.

In my melancholy, I must remember, this too will pass. This too will pass. And what shall assume melancholy’s position but blessings? Tears are the passage of time. I allow the time to pass, and embrace whatever shall happen next. I am blessed. I am loved.

I am oh so very very lucky.


Minnesota Nice said...

That was lovely, Sarah, Just what I needed to hear tonight.
Thank you.

Kassie said...

we are so relatively lucky, aren't we?

Minnesota Nice said...

Sarah, I just read your comment at the "17 going on 50" site - do people really ask you if you feel bad about Gracie's db, implying that you are at fault? I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT!! How do you respond. I hope you have a razor sharp comeback.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Beautiful words! Thank you.

Anil said...
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Anil said...

Lately I have been reading the Gita for spiritual words. One of the things that jumps out is the advice to keep control on your senses, to ride through the good and bad equally, always keeping faith and trusting in a higher being.

The words help, but practising each day seems to be SO HARD. You actually seem to be able to handle such tough situations much better.

Yes you are lucky...