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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Government Assistance? What?

After work and therapy (Occupational and Physical) I decided what the heck and picked up some Chinese food and some pinot grigio (I have a headache). I used my reliacard to purchase the wine, which is a debit card that accesses child support funds deposited. The clerk asked me what the yellow reliacard strip at the top of the card meant and I told him it was child support. His remark back to me was "Oh, I figured it was some type of Government assistance."

What the F*&*??????? Since when did child support become government assistance? Honestly, when did my child's father paying me a measly butt crack thirty bucks a week (if I'm lucky) become equivalent to government assistance?

So....I told him that child support isn't government assistance. It is "parental" assistance, which has nothing to do with government and everything to do with personal responsibility and accountability. (I can't believe I found words that good when I was that irritated.)

His response? "Well I've seen guys with this card too, so it can't be just child support."

Where is this guy from anyways? Pluto? So now child support is government assistance and on top of that men can't receive it?

I'm in my own little world of disbelief. But...on a lighter note, the pinot grigio is FABULOUS :)

As a little diabetes aside, miss peanut had her highest blood sugar thus far with a 333. I was ready to freak out and call mr. endo man to crank out the novolog, but I decided to wait an hour, and it had creeped down to 249. Feeling good about the drop, I decided to wait ANOTHER hour (but I only made it 30 minutes) and she is down to 128.

I'm certainly not happy about cracking the 300 mark. In fact, if I didn't have such a splitting headache I'd be a bit more concerned. But I'm grateful she worked herself down. It just makes tonight a little easier.

one day. One day at a time.....


Fred (Nic) said...

Honestly, ridiculousness of his statements aside, who says that shit??? Seriously. People never cease to amaze me both with their ignorance and their lack of manners. Oh well, hang in!

Christine said...

He probably thinks you get diabetes from eating too much sugar too...

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh Sarah, major suckage (you know, Scott coined that term and I think it's perfect). Ignorance and rudeness abound, but we don't have to feed into it.
STAY WARM - I'm still shivering from that cold bus ride - the windows leak a lot when we get on the freeway.