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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Arrrrrrrrr….How to Be a Good Pirate

We are a pirating household lately, oh yes we are. We are the lovers of the Jack Sparrow and the haters of the Elizabeth (that crafty crafty gal).

Has anyone around here watched the Pirates of the Carribean movies? The kids and I finished watching the second one, Dead Man’s Chest, yesterday. The pumpkin and peanut both greatly enjoyed the first one, and although I’d already seen the second one and not enjoyed it all that much, my kids ADORED this movie.

We were quite a sight to see yesterday evening. The part where (don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie) Jack Sparrow goes fighting into the maws of the preying mammoth octopus rendered my son a miserable and teary mess. I’m talking sobbing. He was inconsolable over the loss of our dear friend Jack Sparrow. Not exactly the reaction I expected, but muffling my own chuckles over his dismay, I comforted my boy as best as possible.

Later that evening, I got both the kids tucked snugly in their beds. Gracie was quite satisfied sucking her thumb and snuggling up with her puppy and care bear. Sandis on the other hand was still mulling all the issues in the Pirates flick. He kept hollering out questions and statements from his top bunk which had me chuckling to myself. Here is the best of these:

Sandis: “Mom! Mom!”

HotMama: “What honey?”

Sandis: “You know what I am thinking mom?”

HotMama: “What is that Sandis?”

Sandis: “I’m thinking that Jack isn’t a very good pirate.” (must be all that rum…..)

HotMama: “Why are you thinking that?”

Sandis: “Because he turned his back on the octopus when he should have been shooting it! It doesn’t make sense that he didn’t use his gun! I would have used my gun!”

HotMama: “Well you know, he had his back turned to the octopus because Elizabeth locked him to the ship and he was trying to get out.”

Sandis: “Why did she do that if she just kissed him?!!! Why did he kiss her?!!! That doesn’t make any sense!”

hahahahahahahaha, yes son you are right, it doesn’t make any sense at all. And you are right, Jack is not much of a pirate…….


Carey said...

What a cute little guy Sandis is.

Laura said...

I have both movies and yet to watch both , but cute questions sandis had.

Major Bedhead said...


Jack Sparrow makes me drool and go weak at the knees. And I can't wait for the third installment.

I think I'll watch those again this weekend. Fun stuff. Arrrrrgh!

Unknown said...

Jack may not be much of a Pirate, but he certainly looks good in eyeliner.

I can't wait for the 3rd movie either!