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Saturday, March 10, 2007

My New Running Machine

Ya, you can say I'm fairly pleased. I haven't taken a run yet. I'm planning that for 8 am tomorrow. It should be something or rather nothing short of fabulous (you know how those first runs are!)

Today was interesting indeed. Bob and the kids and I set out to pick up my treadmill around 10:30am. We figured that because the treadmill was only (haha ONLY) 240 pounds that we should be able to get it upstairs ourselves without paying the 130 buck delivery fee. haha. We get the box into Bob's Durango and it is around six feet long and about four feet wide. Needless to say we were both inwardly cringing about lugging that box just the two of us up the stairs.

When we arrived at my house we decided to open the box and just carry the treadmill up in parts. What we didn't figure on was that the treadmill was only one part as the only assembly required was putting on a few bolts. NICE. (honest). The two of us with some fabulous teamwork managed to maneuver this thing up the stairs, outside of the box, without dinging denting or desroying it. Pretty rough to do when I live in a building built in the mid-seventies with a stairwell that is, well, intended to kill or badly injure the unsteady of gait!

I didn't really count on how much space it was going to take up. This treadmill can fold up, but really, with the layout I have going, that is just stupid as it ends up being a big tall folded up treadmill in the middle of the room. I don't want to run facing the wall, so this is what I get. I like the way it looks though, so until I kill my shin at some point in the middle of the night I'm not completely hating how I have it positioned. Like I have a whole lot of options (as you can see....)

I did manage to give it an extremely small trial run (see my sexy gut?). It ran okay and didn't seem all that noisy, I'm hoping the neighbors don't notice any noise when I am running at 5 am!

As a side note, I have figured a perfect punishment for naughty behavior. I'll just make them run a mile. Knowing my kids, well, they would be marathoners in no time!

Picture note: I don't think Bob even realized that he comes with a 30 year motor warranty! I took this picture before he even realized why (he just knows I think he has a cute butt!)....;)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Looks like an AWESOME treadmill!

Way to go!

mumkeepingsane said...

Woohoo! Nothing like a new piece of exercise equipment. I recently got an elliptical maching. Hubby uses it more than I do (he gets up every morning at 4 am to use it before work) but I'm still enjoying it. :)

Minnesota Nice said...

Sarah, I can read blogs at work but we've got some weird kind of filter so I can't see pics.
That really looks like some high tech machine. Think of how much use you'll get out of it.
I applaud your ambition in getting it up the stairs with just the two of you!