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Friday, March 30, 2007

Real Time News and Running for a Cause

Just when you start thinking perhaps my own life has nothing to do with me, things change! (Life is famous for establishing change as a constant).

My doctor’s office called me yesterday. It seems that BCBS (my insurance company) is now covering CGMS systems for type 1 diabetics that have the diagnosis of hypoglycemic unawareness (ME!). Having just sent in a request for prior-authorizationon Monday for case by case coverage, well, this changes things a bit!

I called MiniMed yesterday, and after managing to secure a supervisor on the phone, this is our plan of action. I will acquire a Minimed 522 pump. The supervisor was kind enough to wave the Pathway fee ($299) so that I need only to send in the $400 deposit which will be returned to me upon receipt of my 515. Once I have received the 522, Minimed folk will submit to my insurance company for coverage of the Real-Time system (the transmitters and sensors). So, I sit unbelieving concerning the rapid change in fate for myself in regards to this CGMS.


I can’t wait to run with this sucker on. I mean, once I can run farther than 1-3/4 miles again!

On the running note, I HAVE been running on my treadmill, just not this week. The first two weeks I ran three times a week and walked four times a week. Well this week I haven’t run since Sunday. I have had a ton of appointments and my room has been nice and chilly, prompting me to stay in bed and snuggle rather than jump out to brave the treadmill. Well, I’ll be running tomorrow. My thighs can’t take this madness. In a sense, though, it was good to take the five days off. I’d been having terrible pain in my gluteus which has since taking my break completely receded. So here’s to running pain free now!

I have also picked a run, not a race, to run in on April 28th. I chose to do 10 laps around the track. It is for the ARISE program, which is the program that provides helpers for special needs kids for after-school recreation programs. Sandis has an ARISE helper for gymnastics, swimming, and our early education class on Wednesday nights. ARISE has been a huge part of our lives, and I am eternally grateful to them!

As a side note, I am collecting donations for my little run. I won’t be running fast, and I won’t be running far (My last run was the Heart of the City Half-Marathon last June) but I will be running for a cause that is near and dear to my heart. If you want to help this cause, email me at and we will work something out. If you want to come and root us on, and show support for the AWESOME ARISE program, come on down to the Sartell running track on April 28th at 11am and root the runners/walkers/wheelers on.


Maddy said...

to be running at all gets my vote! Big, small, fast, slow, no matter - good for you!

Lora said...

I totally admire you, I couldn't run at all even with my greatest intentions. You are so cool and such a great Mommy!